2016 Goals

Emerald Lake RMNP CO

Resolutions tend to fizzle out after a few weeks, but goals are more long-term. So that’s what I’m focusing on this year. I’m planning on 2016 being a year for the books, so it’s important I start the year out with some serious intentions. That’s why I’ve put zero thought into this post – I’m gonna… 

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15 Years of Marriage: Hills, Valleys & Growing Together

Kalalau Trail

Fifteen years ago, I made the decision to drop out of college after only one semester. I planned a wedding in six weeks, packed up my bedroom, got hitched to my high-school-sweetheart-turned-military-man, and headed out east to begin my new (married) life. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but I figured once I was with my… 

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It Wasn’t Just the Hair


So much going on around here, and I hope to catch you all up soon. But last week, we took a quick road trip from our new home in Colorado back to our hometown of Indianapolis for Thanksgiving. It was a quick in-and-out trip so we could see everyone we hadn’t seen in years, and… 

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How Do I Do It?


I get asked that question more than you’d think: “I can’t imagine homeschooling three kids. I can’t imagine homeschooling ONE. How do you do it?!” I honestly chuckle to myself, because when I think of all the stay at home moms (or dads!) in the world…I probably have it easier than just about anyone. I have… 

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A New Normal


So we made it to Colorado! We’re coming up on three weeks in this beautiful place, and I have to say – it inspires a similar sense of awe within me that Hawai’i did. Yes, I really mean that. I look to the mountains, and my heart soars with excitement. You may remember that I… 

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Stitch Fix Friday: Fix #2


Did you see my first Stitch Fix review? Maybe not. That’s okay, it isn’t required reading to enjoy this post. Unless you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, in which case you should definitely go back and read through it. I’m getting shipments monthly, and this was my second fix. I’m excited to say that this… 

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It’s Time to Go


James thought four years. I swore it was gonna be three. We were both wrong. Two years. Two years in Paradise. That’s all we’re getting. (I’ll wait while you dry your tears on your Grandpa’s hanky.) We knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home – I’m not sure we’ll ever have one of those…. 

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HNiT Mindful Living Challenge


I have learned a lot in this journey to healthy living, but the one single factor that has helped me maintain my weight loss is learning to eat and move mindfully. This means that even when I’m not doing everything “right”, I’m still paying attention. That allows me to indulge and be more laid back without completely going… 

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