The Consultation

Well, today was the big day for my body contouring consultation (to remove the loose skin).  I was so incredibly nervous, you’d think I was going to have to do more than just stand there.  I made sure I shaved my legs perfectly, and then I get there and realize I missed a huge stripe.  Classic Nicole.

But it ended up being a great experience.  The office was so modern and comfortable.  Not at all like your standard doctor office.  It was full of bright colors and decorated just perfectly.  I loved it instantly.  My patient coordinator was super nice and it turns out that she has lost 140 pounds herself.  She’s had all of these same surgeries (one just a few months ago!).  She even showed me her before pictures and then her actual results – and they were great!  So that was an awesome start to the appointment.  It put me at ease immediately.

The surgeon came in and spoke with me before the actual exam.  He was really great and explained everything about the surgeries.  He also showed me before and after images.  Then it was time to get all naked!  My least favorite part.  I did get to keep on my own underwear.  Which I was wondering about, since you always see those paper underwear things in the surgery photos.

Anyway, after disrobing, they both came in and we got down to business.  I have to admit that it was kinda weird having some guy take measurements of my boobs and touching all of my not-awesome loose skin.  I’ve pretty much always had female OBGYNs, so the whole male experience was just odd.  But he was incredibly professional, and I didn’t feel embarrassed one bit.  After a while, you realize that they’ve seen much better and much worse, so I’m sure not much can phase these doctors.  And it helped that the woman in the room had dealt with the same stuff, so I didn’t feel judged!

He said I would be a great candidate for the tummy tuck surgery (vs. the extended!) and that I was really “slender”.  Who doesn’t want to hear that!?  The scar would be hidden in my bikini line.  He said he likes patients to bring in their favorite underwear and bikini bottoms so he can get the best idea of where to place the scar.  I joked that I don’t yet have a favorite because my standard undies have been granny panties.  And bikini bottoms?  Ha!  But this surgery would be a big deal, and I’d have to stay overnight in the hospital.

He also said it would be possible to do the breast lift without augmentation, but that they just wouldn’t be as rounded on top as implants would make them.  And they would still sag a bit underneath.  He made the analogy that if I’d be happy with 3rd base – versus a home run – then I’d be fine.  And I think I would be.

So we talked about the arms.  I’ve commented before that this surgery makes me nervous because I’m not sure that the scar would be worth it in my case.  The issue that makes me the most self conscious is the stretch mark situation I have where my arm and arm pit meet on the backside.  So the good news is that he thinks we could just pinch that part and pull a bit to lightly tighten up the droopy part of my tricep.  It wouldn’t be a full-on arm lift, and I would still have some hanging there, but I wouldn’t have a huge scar either.  So that’s something to think about.

And lastly, my legs.  He made the point that I could get some lipo on the inside of my knees where I have a pocket of fat, but that he thinks most of my issue is pretty high on my thighs.  And I agree.  That pocket of fat does bother me, but I keep hoping it’ll go away on it’s own.  So this is another surgery where the scar could go all the way down to my joint, and that’s no fun.  But he thinks I might be okay to do a modified version where there is a scar in my groin area and just a few inches down the inseams of my thighs.

So that’s a lot of info, huh?  Whew.  They both left and the patient coordinator went to work up the surgery quotes.  I decided to have them do it in pairs.  Tummy & thighs together, and arms & boobs together.

The numbers came back and while they weren’t the dream numbers I had hoped for, I really couldn’t complain.  When looking online, I estimated it would be between $20-33,000.  Drum roll please….

Tummy tuck & thighlift: $13,000
Arm & breast lift: $9,000

Both numbers are rounded of course.  For a total of $22,000.  That’s not cheap.  But since J originally thought it’d be like $100k, it’s almost like a bargain!  Right?

So those quotes are good for 6 months.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.  It’s really important to me, but it’s a lot of money.  I’ll keep you updated of course.  I’m glad I went to the consultation, and I’m excited about the information I received.

It sounds like the recovery process is not easy, especially for the tummy tuck, and I’ll experience swelling for moooooooonths.  That’s scary, but I’m glad to know it ahead of time.

Oh, and their scale weighed me in at 134.2.  I like that a lot!

And that’s it!