Warrior Dash

I finally have some photos!  I broke down and purchased the ones from the event photographers…even though they were not cheap.  But it’s all about the memories.

So we signed up for this fun-filled race and luckily, I was able to rope some friends into joining us – Becky, Steve & Cheryl.

I was so excited that I absolutely could not sleep the night before.  My stomach was a mess of nerves (or food poisoning??) and I just tossed and turned.  I honestly think my mind was more on our family portrait session than anything, but regardless…not being able to sleep is annoying!  I finally gave up at 7am and got dressed.  I headed to do a little shopping.  Totally normal, right?  I made it back home at 9 and I finally fell asleep.  Thankfully, getting completely muddy requires very little effort in the primping department, so I was able to sleep until 12.  After drinking some coffee, we headed out to pick up Cheryl and got on the road towards the dash – picking up a Subway lunch on the way.

We got there and it was crazy seeing all of the costumes people had on.  We got to experience the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (all 4 of them), some toga-party-goers and a trio of superheroes that had on these tiny little underwear with what I sincerely HOPE was fake hair sticking out.  ‘Cause let me tell you, there was a lot of that hair.  And before you ask me why I was looking in that area, seriously, how can you NOT look when you see a group of grown men wearing Superman briefs?

But other than that, mostly everyone looked pretty normal.  I’d have to say it reminded me of a football tailgating party.  Definitely a lot of beer – but overall a little healthier atmosphere since we were there to run and not just drink.

We were in the last wave of the day, and now that I think about it, I’m pretty thankful.  I realized that if you didn’t go fast enough, you’d get passed by the wave AFTER you.  And I wouldn’t have wanted that.

We stood at the start gate for what felt like forever as my heart was racing.  I was super anxious, but they had loud music playing that helped keep my mind off of what was coming.

I don’t remember if a horn blared or if there was a gun shot or if it was something else entirely, but off we went!  I quickly realized that more than anything, I was afraid of getting hurt!  The ground was uneven and full of roots.  And I was surrounded by people stampeding towards the first obstacle.

We went up and down hills, through ankle-deep water, up a muddy incline and around a bend before we ever got to an obstacle.  As it turned out, the obstacles were pretty easy.  It was the hills and mud that sucked!

We ended up near the end of the pack, but we had a ton of fun.  J acted like a 10 year old boy and kept throwing mud at each of us.  Now look, if I get muddy, fine, but don’t throw it in my face!  Not a fan of that.  But anyway.  We jogged sometimes, walked a lot, and tackled every single obstacle.  I was super proud of myself on the Great Warrior Wall.  I had to use my arm strength to pull myself up with the ropes and I did it with no problem!  My height presented a few challenges in some of the obstacles, but it also made getting under things easier.

By far the last obstacle was the worst one.  The 20-yard (J’s estimate) mud pit.  I don’t know if it was because it had all day to get thick, or if it had been like that since the beginning, but oh man.  This mud was like half-hardened concrete.  And there was barbed wire you had to get under every 5ish feet.  So I did a TON of crawling in knee-deep mud.  And as I tried to step into the mud pit at first, I immediately got stuck and sat down in the mud.  So I started out completely covered, and it only got worse from there.

But I got through, and so did everyone else, and we are officially warriors!

And for the photos!

J in front, and me a bit behind.  This is a little over halfway through.

Here he is helping me out of the mud pit.  How sweet is he?  It didn’t help though because I still fell down after these pictures were taken!  (And that’s our friend Cheryl in the picture on the right just behind us.)

Yeah, my clothes were so full of mud that they were hanging inches below where they started!  Super sexy.

And our finish line photos!  We ended up completing the 3 mile course in an hour and 3 minutes.  We didn’t exactly win any awards for speed, but we had a great time!

After the race, we all took a nice little clothed bath in the not-exactly-sanitary pond that was near the course.   Yummy.  I peeked in my bra to find that it was comprised of half boob and half mud.  Super.  Luckily, the water was murky enough that I could just clean it out without anyone seeing.  Oh but we all just had mud everywhere.  We did the best we could, but none of us were what you’d call ‘clean’ after that non-bath.

We exited the water and headed to grab our things.  After that, we collected our free beer, which was warm.  And since I’m not a big fan of beer anyway, I only drank about an inch of it.  Which is sad because I had totally committed to chugging that thing.  But it wasn’t meant to be.

We posed for a ton of pictures on our phones (for Facebook of course) and Steve’s camera.  Here are the ones I have:

Becky & Steve –

J & I –

Cheryl, J & I –

And Miss Cheryl being awesome by herself –

On our way out, we threw our shoes into the ginormous donation pile.

On our way home, I grabbed a shot of the mud left over on J’s face.

When we picked up the kids, they were completely fascinated by the remaining mud on us.  I’m not one to get dirty, and neither are they as a result.  So it was amusing.  My dad just couldn’t imagine me doing anything that would involve lots of mud.  But there you have it.  The proof is in the pictures!

I don’t know if we’ll do the Warrior Dash again next year, or some other event, but it was a great experience.  And I’m thankful that we got to do it with friends!