My First Video!

Don’t get too excited….it’s all about me lol.  And it’s 20 freaking minutes long.  I’m really sorry about that.  But I just have so much to say.  As always.  If you actually stick out all three parts, please “like” the post on Facebook that led you here.  That way I won’t cry myself to sleep. 😉 

And these faces I’m making?  Gorgeous.  Really.


  1. says

    I am astounded as always by your story. You are the very definition of strong! I’m so grateful for your honesty. I know it has helped me and I am confident it will help others. Your first video was a hit in my book! Love ya bunches!

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    Great job, I love that you are so honest and open about where you have been and the continued struggles to live a “healthy” lifestyle. My kids are my reason for losing weight too, its amazing how they can motivate you.