Progress and Positivity

First, let’s start with the fact that I have been kicking total ass during the first 3 weeks of my 2012 challenge with my friend Becky from One Strong Chickadee.  We started on January 3rd officially, and so far I have lost 5 pounds!  I also decided to measure myself today (instead of at the month point) because someone forgot to measure herself when we started. (I’d hate to name names but it starts with a B and ends with an ecky. Love ya girl – I’m just kidding!)  Soooooo…

I have lost:
Bust – 2 inches
Waist – 1 inch
Hips – 0.5 inch
Upper Arm (flexing) – 0.5 inch
Upper Arm (relaxed & down) – 0.25 inch
Forearm – 0 inches
Thighs – 1 inch
Calves – 0.25 inch

For a total 3-week-loss of 5.5 inches!  Since I’ve never really done the measuring thing, I think this is good??  You can see all of the actual numbers on my Weight Tracking page.

Now when I say I’ve been kicking ass, please note that this does NOT mean I have eaten perfectly or worked out 7 hours a day.  What it DOES mean is that we have been doing a great job of cooking meals at home and I have been exercising regularly.  And I just cannot overemphasize how nice it is to have a healthy journey buddy.  When I lost my first 100, I had a coworker who was there with me the whole way.  She celebrated my triumphs and commiserated when I experienced a setback.  And that was super helpful to me. 

This time it’s different though.  Becky has been there to keep me motivated and I feel like I’ve done the same for her.  We are understanding of crappy days but we also don’t let excuses get in the way.  And it’s nice to have someone talk you off the ledge when the scale is not your friend.  She’s also way more committed to trying fancy workouts than I am, which is helping me step out of my box a bit.

So if you don’t have a buddy, find one!  Feel free to post on my Facebook wall as well!  The person does not necessarily need to be local either.  You just need to both be absolutely committed.  You cannot make someone be more involved in the journey.  You can just help them through a rough day.  So if you aren’t truly ready, having a buddy won’t help you either.  Trust me, I know that from experience.  My BFF Meghan tried so many times lots of years ago to be my workout buddy and I just wasn’t ready for the help.

So are you totally not impressed with a 5 pound weight loss in 3 weeks?  Well, that’s okay because I am!  Remember it’s all about expectations and I am good with doing this slow and steadily.  I don’t need to lose 3 pounds in one week because I am not willing to put in an hour a day of exercise or restrict my calories to an uncomfortable level (for me).  And using my calorie plan, it’s just about perfect! 

So that’s my progress update.  I’m sure Becky will be posting hers on her blog (linked above), so jump on over there and see how she’s been doing! 

Onto other matters.  I have really been paying attention to the negativity in my life.  From TV to friends to family members to Facebook.  It can seriously run rampant.  And I am amazed at how it can impact my mood! 

Since the OWN channel started airing a year ago, I have fallen in love with so many of the shows on there.  You can totally make fun of me all you want, but Oprah has done more good for my mental state than most people I actually know.  And I feel constantly inspired watching her network.  I’m really in love with her shows like Master Class, Oprah’s Next Chapter, Lifeclass, etc.  They make me think of what is possible in my life and what I can achieve.  And mostly, I love that it shows that no matter what your wealth, or status, or circumstances, we are all so much alike and we can all have whatever we want to work for.  I love that.

And Pinterest has been another huge source of inspiration for me.  While Facebook is always so full of blah and bitching and moaning, Pinterest is full of ideas and motivation.  If you have not checked it out, you must!  I am so not crafty, but I have been able to use so many of the ideas for my own home.  But it’s more than that because there are food and exercise tips, motivational sayings, clothing ideas.  It’s just simply amazing.

I know that the shows on TV that are all about drama are fun.  Trust me, we watch plenty of crap.  But please remember to infuse positivity into your lives.  There is so much of it out there to be seen!  Try to look at the bright side when something goes wrong.  Even when it totally sucks.  Sometimes you spend so much time trying to find a silver lining, that it takes away from being pissed.  Our lives our so incredible.  And if it isn’t, you absolutely can change it.  My life is far from perfect but I have some incredible people in my house that love and cherish me.  I shouldn’t ask for more than that (even though I do).

I bring this up because I have definitely noticed that when I have negative people in my life, I turn into a different person.  When I have people that constantly stress me out, I am not who I want to be.  And it doesn’t mean that those people are even bad.  It just means that they don’t fit in my personal puzzle.  And my puzzle must be complete and whole for me to reach my full potential – mentally and physically.

This journey is one huge mind game.  If you can truly appreciate that, and let go of any physical excuses, you will go very far.  You will reach any goal you set for yourself.  But release that negativity and find positivity in every thing around you.  It’s there and waiting to be found.

J dented our brand new minivan on our anniversary a few weeks ago.  And I seriously was not happy.  This wife did not win any “compassion & understanding” awards during that ride home.  So once we got in the house and settled for the night, what did I do?  I promptly spilled an entire mug of hot apple cider aaaaaaaaaaaall over the end table, couch and floor.  I just had to laugh.  Knocked me right off my high horse, because shit just happens.  And it made me realize that even though it totally sucked that we now have a dent in the van, it could have been worse.  And it’s not like it wasn’t something I couldn’t have done.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still making fun of him for the dent.  I never said I was perfect.

Progress & positivity go hand in hand.  It’s okay to be a Debbie Downer here and there but if you choose to find the good in your journey and life, it will be a much better process!