Well, I feel like I should be jumping for joy or something.  We got the phone call today confirming J’s deployment.  He’ll be making the travel arrangements tomorrow, but it does appear that he’ll be leaving for training on my 30th birthday.  In 11 days.

So yayyyyyy.  This is happening.  But all I really want to do is cry!  Which is not cool.  We received his recommended packing list and after only buying about 5 things on it, we’ve spent $400.  Oh shit.  I’d never even heard of GORE-TEX but let me tell you…it is not cheap.  But J is worth every penny and I want him to be as comfortable as humanly possible while he is gone.  He thinks I should be having fun with this list since I love to shop.  Well, yes, I do indeed love to shop.  Shopping for my husband to leave for what feels like forever?  Doesn’t have quite the same flair as replenishing a wardrobe.

I did learn that he’ll be consuming mostly MREs.  Yum.  I’m thinking there is a great chance that he’ll get in shape while he’s over there.  Can you really overeat MREs?

Speaking of food, J made a good point tonight.  Our grocery bill should go waaaaaaaaay down while he’s gone.  The kids and I are all about eating simple meals.  We could all go days without meat.  So I’ll have fun buying less at the grocery store.  I’ll keep y’all updated on that business.

So that’s about all.  I’m scared out of my mind.  I keep reminding myself that anything could happen to him on any given day.  But that seems a little bit different than sending him into a war zone.  On purpose.  I get chills just thinking about it.

I’m thinking I should get off the computer and cuddle with my husband.  After all, my days doing that are numbered for the near future.

Remind me again why this whole deployment thing seemed like a fan-freaking-tastic idea?

Oh!  And I ordered my books for class today!  It’s real – no backing out now! It’s a funny little world that I start college 2 days after J leaves! :)

Okay that’s really all.


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    Everything will work out beautifully. You guys will be too busy to miss each other too much! You’ll be surrounded with lots of love and support and he’ll be doing badass stuff over there. Try not to worry and enjoy your time together!