I’m Back Baby!

Why hello loyal blog readers.  It’s been a while.  I simply had nothing of interest to report.  Maybe that’s not totally true.  I was just being lazy.

So important things:

I have been exercising still!  I did 5 days of cardio last week and 4 so far this week.  And I did 3 days of strength training last week and 2 so far this week.  Last week, I did 4.5 minutes of calf raises and paid the price for 5 days.  This week, I did 1.5 minutes and felt good.  Next week I’ll try for 3 minutes.  (I do 30 seconds slow, 30 fast, 30 slow – repeat.)

Anyway, yay!

Now my eating is another story.  It has been shit overall.  I am in candy hell.  Yeah, I know, there are 6 billion ways I could remedy this situation.  For now, I’ll just eat my way out of it.  Judge away.  I’ll be too busy being on a sugar high to notice.

My research paper!  Most of my non-blogging last week happened because I was busy procrastinating. I read some books and watched double-digit hours of Vampire Diaries.  I’m all caught up now.  Sad face.  In the end, I poured over the paper for a solid five hours on Saturday and realized that I’m a kick ass writer.  Even when I have to write in non-blog speak (read: grammatically correct).  And guess what this girl got on her paper?

Yes, yes I did get a 100% on my very first paper.  Told you I kicked ass.

In other important-but-unrelated news, my Love Story post about J and I brought in over 250 people over this past week.  Okay, I know, that doesn’t make me super famous or something, but that’s a huge freaking deal.  I put a LOT of work into that post too so it made me smile.  A lot.  And most importantly, it had an effect on J.  I daresay I saw some liquid happiness in his eyes.

What else?  Well, J is coming home (late) tonight!  He begins his last week of training about an hour south of our house tomorrow morning.  I doubt we’ll see much of him this week (between training and commute times), but it doesn’t matter.  We should get to sleep in the same bed, and that’s good enough for me.

It’s really happening and I’m starting to freak out a bit.  In less than a week, he’s leaving me and going to a different continent.  Okay, gotta move on.

I made him take a last picture via FaceTime before he checked out of his hotel:

I’ve never seen a faker smile.  Now he has to go sit at the airport for 5 hours.  Lucky boy!

Okay, so lots of other stuff happened and I actually did take pictures but for now, I have a bunch of stuff to get done before my love makes his arrival.  Well, actually, I have to make the two-hour drive to get him and bring him back.  So I have even less time.  I may have slacked a little lot on just about everything imaginable this week (but I read some GREAT books!) so I have some catching up to do today.


• • • • •

Dear God, it’s me – Nicole.  I was wondering if you could maybe not make me a bitchy, hormonal mess for the two days preceding my period each month?  Thanks.  Love ya.

• • • • •

So I didn’t finish blogging yesterday.  Sorry.  I folded laundry:

I biked and worked out my biceps, shoulders and core.

I did lessons with the kids.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

And that’s it.  None of my schoolwork.  Yeah, I was in a mood.  Today, I found out why.

And I’m wondering – why is my cycle only 24 days long these days?  But since I have an IUD and my periods are nothing, I’m really not complaining.  I’m just horrible to be around for 2 days.  Ask J. :)

Anyway, today I had to get my butt in gear and I read my last two psychology chapters of the class (it was an accelerated term at 10 weeks – my other classes are 14 weeks) and did my Spanish homework.  I have to take my Spanish test tomorrow.

But between studying, I got on my bike and got in my 30 minutes.  And guess what?  Since I started not even 2 weeks ago, I have gone from biking 5.2 miles to 7.2 miles in those 30 minutes.  Woot!  My stamina is increasing bit by bit and I’m so happy.

To give me some quiet time to work on my homework, J took the littles out to see Wreck It Ralph tonight.  Fun.  He kept telling me he felt bad for leaving me at home.  Um, no.  I was not sad.  Quiet time = happy time.

Well, this is the most boring post of all time but it’s 8pm and I’m ready to lay around with J and do nothing productive.  Maybe tomorrow I will go back and update y’all on the past two weeks.  Maybe not.

Oh, we had Subway for dinner.  No pic but it was my usual – 6 inch turkey on wheat and broccoli/cheddar soup.

I promise to get back into the swing of blogging.  Stay tuned!