A Period and a Crack

So I was thinking today…if you can look past the fact that I’m having a period from my left hip and the fact that I have an actual crack in my ass crack and the fact that I look like I’m about four months pregnant, I’m basically recovered!  My pain is manageable with Tylenol and if you close your eyes when I’m getting out of the chair, you can’t even tell that it hurts to walk.

All jokes aside, I am actually really excited this week about my progress.  I guess I was right that although it seems so unnoticeable, my healing is moving along.  I just wake up one day (like Tuesday) and notice big changes.  Maneuvering in my bed isn’t near the hassle it once was, and I don’t really feel the need to baby any of my sutures at this point (except the two obviously open points).

So I’m actually starting to have hope that I’ll be around 85% for our flight to Hawaii.  I think I’m about 70% now.

I’m not in the mood to do a whole two-day recap tonight, but I did want to let you know about my follow-up appointment yesterday.  I found out a little more information about the area that’s draining.  I was confused.  I thought it was this gigantic area that was draining, but it’s not.  It’s like hotdog-sized and it just keeps creating more and more of the fluid.  He did a half-and-half mixture with hydrogen peroxide & something else and filled the cavity with it twice.  It foamed up and “farted” out of me.  That’s supposed to keep the red blood cells from combining to create the fluid…I think?  I should have written it down.  But he said I wouldn’t notice a difference for a few days.  Over 24 hours in and it’s still draining like crazy. 

He also checked the other side and extracted quite a bit of fluid from it with a syringe.  But I guess he felt confident that it didn’t need to be cut open so it could constantly drain.

I did get confirmation about my infection.  And although I really am embarrassed to admit this…it’s an E. coli infection.  I guess there are many ways I could have contracted it, but still…it makes me feel dirty.  So you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be washing my hands like a maniac now.  Anyway, the current antibiotic course I’m on is still fine, but I have to go back to see my surgeon on Monday.  I’m also noticing red areas on my thigh and lower abdomen, but he said the antibiotics should take care of anything brewing there.  The low-grade fever I had last week seems to be completely gone.

He checked my backside suture area and yep, it’s now definitely open.  It really makes me uncomfortable to leave town without it closed but he just doesn’t seem concerned at all.  So I might be putting my cream and gauze on that until I’m 92.  We’ll see.

And I also have some weird area on my right hip that is concerning me, but the physician’s assistant said it is superficial and not an issue.  The incision line is healed, but it’s dark red and seems very very flimsy.  And the surrounding area is also red and seems to be getting worse.  So of course now I’m just sure it will be springing a leak any moment.  I think I will take a picture and send it in to the doctor’s office tomorrow.

I’m still taking the Neurontin nightly for the nerve pain although I don’t know if I need to.  He told me to take it for three weeks though and it’s helping me sleep.  So three weeks it is.  I’m sleeping a solid 7-9 hours nightly and I’m only waking twice.  That is so good for my emotional stability.  It’s just the weirdest thing that I’m tired by 11pm and awake before 9am.  I’ve always been a night owl through and through. 

I’m trying my hardest to eat enough but my kitchen is badly understocked and I’m back to having a low appetite.  I am eating my meals, but I don’t eat until I’m really hungry.  And I know I need to be eating more like every 2 hours to take in enough protein.  Work in progress.

The past two days have been fine.  Many, many episodes of Pretty Little Liars and many, many trips to the bathroom to change my sterile pad.  Good times. 😉

But hey, mah man is coming home tomorrow night for the weekend!  And we have no set plans yet so we can just get some stuff done and hang out.  And we’ll be kidless too.  I wonder if I’m ready to go break a leg at one of the clubs downtown?  Ha.  No.  Not that I’ve actually ever been to a club anyway…

And that’s all I’ve got for you!  Oh, here’s a picture of me rocking J’s boxer briefs.  But today I’m wearing my own undies.  I like variety.

Things are going well.  It’s just fairly boring around here, and boring is a-ok right now!  Hope you’re having a good week. :)