Four Weeks!

I needed yesterday to be a big baby and whine for hours before I updated the blog about my appointment.  Today I’m feeling like a jerk.  Life is too big to be stressing myself out over these little issues.

So just as I suspected, both my open hip sutures and open backside sutures will close up on their own.  They gave me a sheet of Tegaderm Alginate that is supposed to speed up the healing process.  I have to sterilize my scissors, wear gloves, cut off a small piece of the sheet and insert it into the open areas daily.  I don’t really quite understand what it does, but it is supposed to help.

The funny thing is that I don’t care that it needs to be done, I just don’t want to be the one who does it.  This is when I wish J was here.  I’d make him do it.  But he’s not here, and I want these areas to close up ASAP.  So I gotta suck it up.  Yuck.

As far as the two areas that are draining, he seems to only be concerned by one of them.  The one on my right actually has two open holes that are draining but I guess he’s not thinking it needs intervention.  And I was incorrect yesterday – the holes are not from when they inserted the needles last week.  The holes just opened up on their own because they were weak areas in the skin.  So I honestly don’t know how long that side is going to drain.  It’s nowhere near as bad as the other side was at the beginning, but right now they are draining equally.

So the left side is the one that is the issue.  As of right now, I just keep a sterile pad on it at all times to collect the fluid.  I have to wipe the surrounding area with hydrogen peroxide every day.  The draining has slowed drastically, and he feels confident that it will close up on its own in about 3 weeks.  The thing is that he’s concerned that there may still be bacteria in the hotdog sized hole underneath my skin. He’s afraid that it will partly heal and then I’ll still have bacteria in there, even though I’m taking the antibiotics.

I have two options.  I can let it heal on its own, but I have to clean it out daily with a q-tip dipped in saline & peroxide.  The idea of sticking a q-tip under my skin is…ew.  I feel the same way as above.  If J could do it for me, no big deal.  But still, I’d be doing this for weeks.

Or, I can have him cut me open bigger and for the next 5 days, I have to pack the area twice daily with gauze covered in a bleach mixture.  After the 5 days, he will stitch me back up and I should be good to go.  He won’t be concerned about the bacteria, and I won’t be draining for weeks.  Of course I still have the other area to deal with, but I guess that one should close on its own and maybe quicker?  I have no idea.

He keeps saying that this is all about the damn protein.  If I’d been getting the correct amount of protein all along, I wouldn’t be dealing with all of this.  I have to be honest and tell you that I’m starting to hate hearing that because if that’s true, it should have been made crystal-freaking-clear that I needed 70g extra per day.  I would have been drinking the shit out of the protein shakes.  I thought I was doing fine just getting the normal amount per day.  Because I was focusing on my protein from day one – even when I didn’t feel like eating.  I choked down protein bars just to get the daily recommended amount.  And when I couldn’t eat, I drank the shakes.  But I just didn’t know how much extra I needed and I feel like that should have been beat into my head from the get-go.

But oh well.  Let this be a lesson to all of you.  Get in your damn protein and get in double or triple the amount you normally need to help you heal faster.  Because it has been four weeks since I had surgery and I still have four open areas in my body that shouldn’t be there.  All because I didn’t eat my protein.

I’m not bitter.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go ahead and have him do the procedure that makes me have to pack the area twice daily.  I’m not excited to do that, but at least it’s not for the next few weeks.  And luckily, since our move has been delayed, we have the time to do it.  He said the stitches will dissolve on their own so I won’t need to have anything removed.

I swear I am remembering that these are all small things.  They really are and I’m grateful that after a 10-hour surgery, I’m not struggling with anything more severe.  I am just throwing mini hissy fits because I want my husband here to help me do these things that I don’t wanna do.  Poor guy is really dodging a bullet though because I’m definitely sure he doesn’t want to do this stuff anymore than I want to. 😉

Thanks for following along.  Just think – in a few months this will all just be a distant memory!

As a side note, I wanted to update you on my pain.  My thighs are still very sore on the fronts and backs.  I assume this is still from the liposuction but I’m really not sure.  My breasts and abdomen are also sore.  I’m taking Tylenol every six hours still and that seems to alleviate a great deal of the pain.  It’s all very manageable, and although it still hurts when I first stand up, I’m walking quite well.  I’m not sure when the pain will totally be gone, but it’s really not too bad overall.

P.S. I plan to take updated pics on Friday.  I can’t believe how good most of my incision lines look!