Granny Panties

So I’ve been blogging at night, but today I decided to do the all-day approach.  I have lots to say and it’s only barely past noon.

I am apparently trying a new thing – surviving on 6.5 hours of sleep.  Many do it and I suppose it’s possible, but I’m not happy at all.  However, it’s better than 4 hours, so whatever.  I fell asleep at 2am last night and awoke promptly at 8:30am.  The middle-of-the-night details are a bit fuzzy so I can’t actually remember if I got up anytime in between there to pee.  If not, then that’s a huge win!  And the double win is that I got to see my handsome J’s smiling face via FaceTime before he headed off to work.

I laid around in bed until 9:30 and then got up when my stomach growled.  Aidan was on the couch rereading Harry Potter’s 5th book.  He was in the middle of his second Percy Jackson book, but he got sidetracked and decided to reread the HP series.  I’m not hatin’.

The other two woke up too, and we’ve already had a good morning.  Austin counted out his money and we learned that he has $11 in bills, $3 in quarters, 15¢ in nickels, and 3¢ in pennies.  And if he can wiggle out that tooth he’s been working on, he’ll add $2 more to the pot.  THIS is what my kind of homeschooling is.  Learning without it being a chore.  Just like yesterday and blood circulation.  We had fun, he learned something, and nobody had to break out a textbook or a test.

In puppy news, Astro annoyed me all night getting as close as he could.  He switched between sleeping on my pillow and kicking me in the boobs/abdomen randomly.  Good times.  He didn’t do any puking though, so that’s a plus.  That changed today after his beef/rice breakfast, but he promptly gobbled back up what he vomited.  Yum, right?  You’re welcome for that visual.  He hasn’t been doing the shaking thing though, and that’s a huge win.  I’ll keep you updated.

Both doggies are craving Mommy time I guess because this was how I spent a good chunk of time this morning:

In Princess News, Audra has been watching episode upon episode of Hannah Montana on Netflix.  And this is the result:

Pretty good, right?  I love that girl.  And her Christmas PJs.

I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, but I had a serious revelation after my shower.  I can mention my “shower” as an event, because they simply aren’t happening much these days.  And that’s saying something, because I’m usually on an every-other-day schedule anyway.

So my point is that I got all dried off and walking into my bedroom.  I caught my reflection in the mirror and took a minute to admire my new body.  If you can look past the bruises and still-very-prominent incision lines (which I easily can), my body is shaping up to be exactly what I had envisioned.  I mean, exactly.  And that, my friends, is insanely exciting.  I wish I could show you – in a totally nonsexual way of course.  But I can’t because I draw the line at taking pictures in my underwear.    But you can trust me, I am really glad I had this surgery.  Even when I complain about the recovery.  I just feel like this body is mine.  The other one was the result of my mistakes, and this one is the real me.  It’s not about having a “perfect body” or prancing around in barely-there clothing.  Not at all.  It’s about feeling comfortable in my own body.  It’s about being able to throw on clothing without worrying about the huge pooch below and above my belly button.  Speaking of which, all of my pants go way the hell above my brand-new belly button and now it feels weird to wear it like that.  But it also feels weird to wear them lower too.  This will be a whole new adventure.

And I’m not complaining – I love an adventure!

Okay, so back to today.  I changed my clothes and threw in my contacts.  It’s ridiculous that I’m proud of that fact, but I have nowhere to be (except the store later), so I’m pretty excited that I took the initiative so early in the day.  As I was changing my clothes, I was reminded of the swelling in my stomach – most notable in my groin area.  It looks great from the front, but kind of weird from the side.

Weird, right?  But I know it will go down, so I’m not stressing too much.  It just looks a little odd right now.  Otherwise,  I think the swelling is going down nicely everywhere.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the swollen area will be hidden by my dress on Saturday.  Also, an update on my stature.  I don’t think it’s improved much in the past few days – it may have even gotten a smidge worse.  I’m not sure.  It gets easier the farther I walk, and I also notice that it’s easier to walk than stand still.  I actually feel like my pain (soreness) overall hasn’t improved in the past few days either.  Maybe I’m at a plateau?  I’m hoping the healing continues soon.  I’m sure this is all in my head and I’ll just wake up one day and notice a big difference.

But can we focus for a minute on the fact that I’ve worn pants two days in a row now?  Huge deal.  These capri yoga pants actually feel pretty great – better than J’s sweatpants did yesterday.  I can’t even really describe the numb/tingly sensation that my thighs feel.  It doesn’t hurt at all – it’s just distracting.  But all of the paperwork described this exact thing, so I know it’s very normal.

The pain I talk about is more like a stretching/soreness overall.  My stomach sort of feels like I’m ripping it in half when I walk, but it doesn’t hurt that bad.  That’s just the best way to describe the feeling.  And my thighs are just really sore like after an insane workout.  I guess the thighs hurt because of the liposuction and the stomach hurts because they reattached my muscles inside?  Strangely enough, my boobs are totally good.  They get sore, but it’s no worse than right before a period or when they’re full of breastmilk.  If I had to place them in order, I’d say they hurt in this order:


For sure.  And I have to be honest that the collective pain/experience makes me a little nervous to have my arm lift in the near future.  I just don’t want to go through the whole process again.  But I’m so thankful that I couldn’t talk the surgeon into adding them to this past surgery.  The only thing I had for leverage when trying to move my body was my arms.  I can’t imagine if they had been out of commission as well.  Speaking of arms, my right arm that has been numb is still improving.  It is still a bit numb and a tad tingly and I can’t totally flex it, but I definitely see improvement.  Mostly it just isn’t as noticeable as it was before.  I use that arm every chance I get to nudge it along, so I’m hopeful that it will return to its good ol’ self in the next 2 weeks.

But back to the arm lift.  I am pretty sure I will do it.  It’s an outpatient procedure and it appears that the downtime is more like 3-4 days instead of weeks.  And only having to baby one (well, two) areas of my body will be much better.  Plus, I’m planning to only have a modified version (meaning the cut will be a small crescent shape in/behind my armpit versus from ‘pit to elbow), so it shouldn’t be so bad.  Anyway, we’ll see about that once I get to Hawaii.  I just need that one last thing to complete the transformation.  And ideally, I will lose a little bit more fat/gain a bit more muscle in the arms before that surgery.  You all know I’ll keep you updated.

Okay, so now I’ve been blogging all while watching Pretty Little Liars (I swear the only way to watch TV is in complete seasons) and it’s time to go do the dishes.  J’s mom is heading over and I have to keep up appearances.  (If you don’t know me, that’s a joke.  I’m a horrific housekeeper and it’s common knowledge.)


• • • • •

It’s much much later.  10pm to be exact.  After I left earlier, I did the dishes (yay) and I supervised while Austin vacuumed our living room rug.  The Dyson is as big as he is, but he rocked it.  And now my rug is clean.

J’s mom came over for a few hours.  And by the way, J’s car sale totally fell through but his parents want to buy it.  So…woot!  And a quick note on our temporary Hawaii house – still haven’t paid, but the owner says it’s definitely ours for October.

Anyway, after my mother-in-law left, I changed (shirts) and headed over to my dad’s house.  They offered to keep the kids for a few hours so I could go do whatever.  I don’t exactly have a hopping social life, but I needed to get to the store.  So we stopped at Subway on the way and then ate dinner while chatting with my dad & Joy.  I ended up hanging for another hour while the kids acted in-freaking-sane (they used up all their good behavior at home??) and then I went to the store.

I’m so excited to tell you that I did GREAT!  I used one of the small grocery carts and leaned on it the whole time, but I didn’t get winded at all.  I picked up new dog food for Astro, paper towels, beef & rice (again for Astro), and some tag-less granny panties.  My sutures on my backside aren’t doing so great and I think it’s because my tag and the lace on my current undies have been rubbing them.  So granny panties it is!

I came home to two very excited puppies.  Astro was attacking Avery just like normal and that made me soooo happy.  He is starting to act like his normal self again.

So I got out Astro’s beef/rice mixture from last night, but I decided to try the new dog food first.  The little shit gobbled it right up.  MONTHS we have been fighting with him to eat various dog foods, and then he just ate this stuff up.  (It’s only gotten super serious in the last few weeks though.)  I’m one happy fur-mama right now.  Fingers crossed for no puking.  And I’ll just save the hamburger and rice for us!

Now I’m sitting here staring at J on FaceTime – watching Pretty Little Liars.  I think tomorrow I will actually do some schoolwork!  Seems like a good idea.

Oh!  I haven’t had any Aleve since 9am.  The only time I really hurt is after I’ve been immobile too long.  But my dad pointed out that my stature might improve if I’m not feeling the stretch as much while walking.  So tomorrow I will stay on my Aleve doses and see if I can walk a little straighter.  I don’t want to be permanently bent at the waist!

Night lovelies!

P.S.  Today is 9/11.  As a (now former) military wife, it’s always in my mind.  It happened just a year after J joined the Navy and it shaped his entire military experience.  I will forever feel sorrow for those who died and their loved ones.  But I also feel sorrow for all of those who have died in the years since fighting to protect our country from any more attacks.  My heart hurts for them.  And I will never forget.