Finally, some good news.

First, I apologize for being boring as shit lately in these posts.  My life consists of feeding and interacting with my children, showering, driving to appointments, and watching Netflix.  It’s all very exciting.

But back to my good news.  I made an appointment with my surgeon yesterday to have him cut my left side incision open bigger so it could be packed with bleachy gauze twice daily before he could stitch it back up this weekend.  The only reason I wanted to do it was because I didn’t want to deal with an open wound for the next few weeks.  Plus he told me I’d have to clean out the inside of the wound with a q-tip daily and I’m just not all about shoving things inside me.  But as I drove to the appointment and sat there waiting, I started panicking about how much worse things would get over the next 5 days.  Would it be worse if he cut me open?

I took the kids with me simply because J’s mom has been driving up to watch them so much and I couldn’t bear to ask her two days in a row.  (Although I know she would have done it.)  My surgeon thought the procedure would only take about 20 minutes so I wasn’t too worried that they could keep themselves entertained in the waiting room for that amount of time.  They have their iPod Touches and the office has free wifi.  Isn’t life rough for kids these days? 😉

Well, he ended up being in surgery longer than anticipated so my appointment was delayed by 45 minutes.  The kids were fine so my biggest issue was worrying about the stupid procedure.

Thankfully, when we met in the procedure room, he wasn’t anxious to jump right in and start cutting. He knew I was nervous and he decided to check the wound and see if there had been any healing.  Good news!  It had closed itself up internally by 6cm in one day.  Hallelujah!

On the negative side, my matching draining hole(s) on the right side were tested for infection the previous day.  And surprise, surprise, I have a different infection over there.  I think it was Gram-Negative Bacilli.  Yeah, I’m just feeling disgusting all over right about now.  I’m not sure how much more often I can shower or wash my hands.  But whatever.  Maybe I need to hose down my bathroom with bleach?  I actually think I will do that today.  Less hose and more spray bottle.  But definitely bleach.

So in light of the new infection, he switched me over to Cipro for the next 10 days.  That’s 20 days of antibiotics – weeeee!  I am hoping that since I can’t even remember the last time I took an antibiotic that my body will react appropriately.  The Augmentin definitely improved things on my left side because the drainage looks “less cloudy” and “more wine-colored”.

As far as the overall drainage, that has improved dramatically on both sides.  I’m going to pay more attention today, but both sides have slowed so much that I only need to change the thick 5×9″ sterile pads every 6 hours.  And even then, they aren’t fully saturated.  The thing about my right side is that he is considering cutting the hole bigger (it’s currently just two pin pricks that opened on their own) to allow the infection to work its way out faster.  But I don’t want bigger holes and so I held him off on that.

I have to return on Thursday so he can reassess the drainage and infections.  For now, I don’t need to do the q-tip thing because he does it when I’m there.  Weirdly enough, I’d rather drive the 25 minutes (each way) and have him do it every other day than do it myself.  That’s ridiculous and I know it.  But I’m really feeling confident that things are healing.  Other than the bulges in my pants created from the pads, the drainage really isn’t a huge issue at this point.  As long as it’s healing, I’m feeling okay.

And now is when I’m actually really grateful for this delay in our move.  I am not loving the uncertainty, and we still don’t know where we are going to live when we first get down there.  We still have the option of the house I picked out.  But if the owner has someone else interested before we pay, it’s gone.  And she also has someone else coming in on the first of November, so we have to be out by then.  But honestly, I’m just not all that concerned.  We will find something.  I’m just feeling really glad I get a few extra days to be near my surgeon.  I want these issues resolved before I jump on that plane and move to an island.

So you know I still have two gaping holes as well.  As of yesterday, I was freaking about putting the Tegaderm Alginate into the open areas.  Well, I’m happy to report that it wasn’t as awful as I feared.  I showered yesterday and then cut the little pieces (after sterilizing the scissors).  I cringed a bit, but I was able to insert the thingies into the holes and put gauze over it.  And I didn’t pass out.  Yay!  As of last night, I was feeling super itchy around both areas and although it is probably totally in my head, I’ve decided that it means I’m healing.  (Don’t worry, it’s not like allergy itching…just normal itching.)

That’s all my news.  I made my protein shake yesterday with three scoops of my new powder and that equaled 80g of protein.  I’ll do that every day until I’m all sealed up and good to go.

We still have no new news on Hawaii.  Nothing.  Nada.  So here I sit, watching Netflix (currently season 2 of Scandal) and waiting.  And I really don’t have a (major) care in the world.  I miss my husband and he won’t be coming home this weekend, but I found two kickass nightstands that (together) will cost the same price as a flight home.  So I’m reminding myself that it makes sense to save our money and spend time together via FaceTime.  The kids will be hanging with their grandparents again this weekend.  (They are cramming in visits like crazy.  I’m not complainin’.)

Stick with me through the boringness.  We will be getting to Hawaii soon and think of all the pictures/stories I’ll be sharing!

Have a great day!

P.S. I’ve all but abandoned my stomach binder and although I am noticing some extra swelling, I’m glad to be without it for now.  I’ll probably wear it some more after this hip thing heals.  Also, I can now go braless at night!  But I’m scared to do that, so it will stay in place for now. :)