It’s Been 3 Weeks!

I think last night’s sleep was the best one I’ve had in weeks.  Speaking of which, it has been three weeks since my surgery!  But anyway, I woke up only twice in 8 hours and only got out of bed one of those times.  It was fantastic.  And the time I got up, I noticed that I could walk strangely well.  Normally I hurt quite a bit straight out of bed, but it was definitely better last night.

I woke up this morning, took my Tylenol, and after it kicked in, I noticed I could walk completely upright.  And not just that, my legs were functioning perfectly normally too.  I still felt the stretch in both my abdomen and thighs, but it was manageable.  I started swinging my hips back and forth like an idiot just because I could.

I took a video and you can see my awesome runway skills here.  And I posted this picture on FB but here it is too.  Always rocking my cotton nightgowns and of course the stomach binder.  I should probably brush my hair before I take these pictures.

We did presents with my big boy Aidan shortly after breakfast.  I can’t believe he is ten freaking years old.  I mean, that’s a decade!  I basically let him do his own thing all day because I know that is his idea of a perfect day.

I stayed out of the recliner today because I think sitting on my butt is contributing to my opening sutures in the back.  I first decided to stand around all day buuuuuut how long can a person do that?  Well, I mean if it’s your job, sure, but it’s not my job.  Anyway, I decided to hang out part of the day in bed on my side.  Austin and I watched lots of Pretty Little Liars together on Netflix.  It’s kind of hilarious that I’m watching a show about teenagers with my 6 year old son.  Good parenting?  Mmmmm maybe not so much.  But we’re having good bonding time!

I made lunch and then dinner tonight and then I cleaned the kitchen.  I threw in a load of laundry and did a quick wipe down of my bathroom.  I still have all of my clean clothes to put away, but I’ll save those for tomorrow morning.

And that was my whole entire day.  Exciting huh?  The blood/fluid stuff is still draining out of my stomach but it’s not a huge deal.  I’m tired of ripping the tape off of my skin and cutting new strips every 2-3 hours mostly.  But that’s not that bad.

So today was a good, low-key day.  I felt capable of anything, but I still didn’t run around doing everything.  And that’s perfectly okay.  Tomorrow I have my appointment with my surgeon and I’m thinking I’ll take the kids to the grocery store as well.  We don’t have a ton of things to get and I know they’ll be helpful.

I’m so hoping that today is the turning point I was anticipating.  Night!

Oh!  Almost forgot to say that I looked into dropped my philosophy class and realized today was the last day to do it without it counting against me.  I called the school to confirm and also found out that it would not affect my financial aid eligibility.  So the class is now dropped.  And I immediately felt a huge weight lifted off of me.  I know I could have handled it.  But I didn’t want to.  Maybe I’ll try again later, but maybe I’ll take something else to fulfill that requirement.  We’ll see.

Now for real, night!