It’s My Birthday!

Today is my 31st birthday!  It’s 2pm and it’s already been an interesting day.  I woke myself up this morning with a terrible dream.  It was mid-winter and I left my daughter in the car while I went into the store.  My grandma found her, but by then her fingertips were broken off and her hair was falling out.  She also slightly resembled a baby monkey.  Thankfully it only took me a few moments before I woke myself up but of course I couldn’t stop crying.

I also woke up with a terrible throbbing headache.  I walked back to the bathroom, went pee, took one pain pill (because I’m weaning down from 2), and went back to sleep.  I woke up four hours later with an even worse headache.  My body pain wasn’t too bad though.  After talking to Roz (one of my stepmoms), we determined that the headache could be from going cold turkey on the Benadryl.  So I quickly downed one of those and I’m happy to report that the headache subsided.

J cooked me a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast.  Eating was interrupted by a sudden trip to the bathroom.  I was given the best birthday present ever!  (Do you catch my drift?…It’s been a really stopped up week since my surgery…)  Yeah, way TMI.

I really feel like today is the turning point in my recovery.  I’m at that point where the pain pills are hindering me more than helping.  Of course I’m still taking one every four hours, so I guess we’ll see when I’m ready to quit them altogether.  I’m just totally over this groggy crap.  It’s my birthday and J and the babies are outside shooting each other with water guns.  I’m in here with my eyes and mouth both hanging half open.  It’s worth it – don’t get me wrong.  Having this surgery was an AMAZING gift.  I’m just ready to move on.  Grogginess is not my thing, yo.

Oh!  Did I tell you that my stepmom Joy brought over flowers last week?  Well I got some from the surgeon’s office today too.  Love them both!

And J and the kids made me birthday cards as well.  They were actually made months ago when J was home on r&r because we thought he wouldn’t be here.

But Audra decided to make me another card as well.  Love it!

Update on my right arm – it’s bothering me worse today.  I called the office and the nurse is pretty sure it’s because my arms were up in stirrups during the breast lift.  She said it should be fine to wait until tomorrow but that I should definitely mention it to my surgeon.  The tingling is moving up from my thumb to my mid-forearm now.  I’m hoping that’s a sign of progress?  It is still usable – it’s just not as strong as my left hand. (And I’m right-handed.)  Anyway, as far as complications go, it’s obviously on the minor end so I’m feeling pretty damn lucky right now!

• • • • •
Funny of the evening….
Audra (talking about me to J): She’s recovering…she can do whatever she wants….except walk well.

It’s now 10:08pm and I am taking my 8th and final Norco for the day (anything after 12am counts as tomorrow).  Yesterday I had 12.  I also only had one Benadryl today.  And although I won’t lie – my body hurts a bit today, I am love love loooooooving the clear head I’ve had all day!  I guess going down from 2 to 1 pill every four hours made a big difference.

And because I had such a clear head, I walked around a bit more than I should have, picked up the house a little and definitely stressed out my body.  Oops.  Not ready for all of that apparently.  But I will be happy to deal with a tiny bit more pain while sitting on my ass during recovery than being in a narcotics-induced fog any more.  We’ll see what the doctor says tomorrow.  Maybe I’m ready to move away from the Norco altogether?  Fingers crossed!

So my day went well.  We sold one of our computers – woot!  I was able to eat meals and even a tiny piece of ice cream cake.  And my dad and Joy stopped by briefly to bring me my birthday gift – a Kohl’s gift card.  She thought I might want to buy some new bras!  Wee! :)

I do not know what is going on with my mouth in this picture, but I think I’m blowing out my candles.  And I totally forgot to make a wish.  But seriously? What the hell else do I have to wish for?

In other news, J heard more concrete info about the Hawaii job.  We can find any short-term rental for the first 30 days we’re there as long as it’s under the government’s per diem.  This is a huge win because the vacation rentals are much nicer AND cheaper than the hotels.  And then we have more choices as well.  It’s also looking like he’ll be reporting September 30th, but we’ll be there a few days early so he has a bit of time to get familiar with the surroundings.  And as far as training in Colorado, he leaves for that this Sunday.

It’s all really falling into place.  Now I just need this little body of mine to recover in double time!

But I keep finding myself thinking….”Just think…after surgery…”  But wait!  I already had surgery!  I can’t believe it’s done!  Now I’m just thinking about when the swelling goes away.  It’s going to happen though.  It will.

It’s been a great birthday!