One Month Post-Surgery Pictures!

First things first.  We were supposed to be leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, but there was a paperwork holdup with J’s job.  The paperwork came through yesterday so we should be down there by next weekend.  Weee!  I last mentioned that he wasn’t coming home this weekend because flights cost so much, but we were able to find one last minute for half price.  So he’s currently laying next to me in bed while we catch up on this week’s Sons of Anarchy.  Yay!  He goes back to Denver on Sunday and then he’ll be back one day this week so we can get this Hawaii show on the road.

I had an appointment with my surgeon on Thursday and it was full of good news.  The preliminary lab results showed that I had two different infections, but the final results showed that it was the same one.  But for some reason, the fluid drainage on my right side starting becoming clearer once I began the Cipro.  So I will be on that for another week.  But he measured both sides and the internal areas had closed up by half in just two short days.  That’s SO incredible.  As of today, my left side isn’t draining hardly at all, so I’m covering the 1.5 inch opening with a large bandaid.  The right side still requires a sterile absorbent pad, but I think after a day or two, it’ll be ready for a bandaid as well.

My surgeon is thinking that both of those holes will be completely healed up within 3 weeks.  As far as my hip and backside open areas, I’m getting pretty good at putting the calcium alginate in them daily and he thinks they should both be closed up within 6 weeks.  That feels like an eternity, but I’m just hoping that he was preparing me for the worst.  I’m eating well and drinking my 80g protein shakes daily to aid in my healing.  I feel like I’m doing everything right, so we’ll see what happens.

I will be going back early next week so he can fix an issue with my right areola (it doesn’t quite match the left), but I think I’m fairly good other than that.  He also gave me the name of his former colleague who lives in Honolulu.  He said he continues to be one of his closest friends and he completely trusts his ability to handle my arm lift.  That’s totally comforting so I’ll definitely be scheduling a consultation in a few months.

And that’s everything going on.  This next week will be hectic with the movers (hopefully) coming to pack up our household goods.  I may not blog too much.  But as promised, I took updated pictures today!  After looking at my “before” pictures again, I just can’t believe the difference.  It’s incredible!  And I’m still very very swollen in my abdomen area which won’t be gone for another 4 months.  But aside from that, I’m feeling awesome.  I won’t be wearing jeans for awhile though – between the swelling and the open area on my hip, they’re a no-go.  Thank God for yoga pants and maxi dresses!

The red color will fade over the next year.

My thigh scars should flatten out over time.

You can see my the first pictures post-surgery here and the ones 9 days post-op here.  And for pre-surgery pictures, you can look on my weight tracking page.

I am getting so excited about the final “product”.  I really feel like me finally.  I just need these holes to all close up and I’ll be good as gold! 😉

Also, I finally asked the surgeon and did some internet research and it appears that in total, about 7.5 pounds of skin and fat was removed.