Oops & Ewww – Recovery Day 16

So the Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night for Austin’s eighth tooth.  Oops.  There goes my Supermom status.  But I mean seriously, the kid is only 6 and pulls out a tooth like every other day.  I was bound to screw it up at least once.  And she’ll come tonight.  She totally did that once when I was a kid. *wink, wink*

But guess what? I think I have outsmarted my body.  I happily stayed busy and awake until after 2am last night.  By then?  I could barely keep my eyes open and I easily floated off to sleep without hours of tossing and turning.  Win!  I woke up once at 6am to pee and then again at 9:30am for good.  Ahhhh so nice.

I did wake up to puppy puke and then Astro wasn’t all that into eating his dog food breakfast.  Boo.  The kids hand fed him some of it and he took that.  I’ll try a bit more later.

In body news, my stomach is pretty freaking (extra) swollen.  I haven’t worn my binder in 48 hours.  I slept commando last night in an effort to allow my backside sutures to breathe which meant I also didn’t want the binder rubbing on them.  But this morning, both my granny panties and binder are back firmly in place.  And my binder is now as tight as it can possibly go.  It’s wrapped 9″ smaller than right after my surgery.  Crazy, huh?!  I hope the swelling goes down a bit before Saturday’s party.

It’s Thursday which means it’s gymnastics class day.  I also really need to do my schoolwork.  So far I’m drinking coffee and watching Netflix.  And blogging.  I miss my all-day blogging.  I just frankly don’t have much to say.

Oh!  But today is my dad’s 50th birthday!  Happy Birthday Dad!  10 years ago, I was pregnant with my first baby (Aidan), and I remember my dad hoping he could be 40 before he became a grandpa.  I’m sadistic, so I was hoping Aidan would come at like 11:59pm on the day before he turned 40.  But that didn’t happen, my dad got his way, and my son wasn’t born for another 5 days.  And yes, my family is crazy young.  But one of the upsides to that is the kids move out of the house when the parents are still young and spry and we have years to do whatever we want after that!  My dad and stepmom seriously have 25x the social life I have.

I think a lot about that.  How J & I had three kids by the time I was 24.  Should I have done the single/crazy life in my twenties instead?  But I was so lost.  And obviously in love with J from the time I was 15.  It took me until I was 30 to begin to find my direction in life, so I’m pretty excited about the way it all turned out.  Austin will be grown when I’m 42 years old.  And if I do the right things by my body, I’ll hopefully have another 50ish years to rock my life while the kids are doing the same with their own lives.  That’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, I have nothing else to say for now.  I’m going to stall for a while before I get to my philosophy homework. 😉

• • • • •

Raise your hand if you’re shocked when I tell you that it’s 8:30pm and I’ve done zero homework?  Mmmhmmm.  No one.  Good.  Oh well.  There’s tomorrow morning.  It’s late now and I’m tired.  But I’m still planning to stay up as late as I can so I just fall off to dreamland immediately after crawling into bed.

Oh, but wait!  Guess who’s coming home a whole 24 hours early?  That’s right!  My J!  Turns out he doesn’t have to work tomorrow so he got his flight switched for only $50.  I haven’t told the kids yet – I’ll just let them stay up late and throw them in the van when it’s time tonight.  Surprises are fun.

I called the utility companies today so that was productive.  Just two weeks until we leave!  Well, two weeks and a day.  Whatever.  It’s coming fast.  Otherwise, I really didn’t do much.  I called my plastic surgeon’s office about my backside sutures.  They said it’s normal to have them open a bit and to just watch for infection.  But honestly, it’s gross and annoying.  I’m keeping the prescribed cream and gauze on the area.  The nurse told me to go ahead and wear my underwear at night as well.  (I also heard from my friend C and she also struggled with open sutures in the same place.  So while it’s annoying, it’s not uncommon.  Thanks for freely sharing your experience with me, girl!)

My swelling is also horrific.  In my stomach I mean.  My thighs look pretty great still.  Less bruised even.  My boobs look weird from the sutures (dimpled) and seriously bruised.  But I’m not sure how swollen they are.  It’s so hard to know what things will look like in a month.  But back to my stomach.  I should take a picture.  It’s so bad.  I wore yoga pants to the kids’ gymnastics class with no binder.  You can clearly see a difference where my underwear line and pant line were.  Basically where I’m compressed, the swelling is less.  So as soon as I got home, I ripped off my clothes and put my cotton nightgown right back on.  And my binder is back on as well.  I did notice today that I’m able to stand up straighter when I’m wearing it.  And my stomach just doesn’t hurt as much in general.  (Again C, you said the same thing and now I get it!)

Did I ever tell you guys that I gave up the leg compressions (ace bandages)?  I haven’t been wearing them since the weekend.  That’s been a relief – they were a huge pain in the ass.

Anyway, like a dumbass, I’ve now eaten out two days in a row.  And you know what that means?  Sodium, sodium, sodium.  And when I’m not recovering from surgery my body holds water like a sponge.  I’m sure it’s ten times worse now.  So not smart.  My friend K warned me – watch that sodium!  Am I listening?  No.  And I’m paying the price.  Faaaaaantastic.  I may seriously go to my dad’s party wearing this stupid binder.

Okay, in way more serious news – my mom & Roz’s puggle Riley is not doing so well tonight.  He’s about the same age as our puggle Avery (7).  They lost their pupgirl Gracie earlier this year (she was much older), so more loss right now is just not going to work.  He’s with Roz and her dad now (a vet) so he’s in the best hands.  Just hoping he comes through.  What is going on with our doggies?!?!  Please send some good thoughts and prayers.

With that, I’m going to end tonight’s blog.  J has yet to board his flight so we don’t know when he’ll get here.  Colorado is getting hit with crazy rain and flooding so many flights are delayed.  But I figure it doesn’t matter because I’ll be happy to go get him at 3am if necessary.

Don’t worry – I didn’t forget.  Tooth Fairy!!