Pads Aplenty

Sorry I got a little behind in the last few days.  J visited this weekend and we were busy dismantling the house.  It’s weird a little because I worked hard to decorate this place.  Every room had things hanging on the wall.  Now the hallway echoes and everything looks so very bare.  Of course it’s exciting too.  We are giving our bedroom set to J’s sister so the kids ran in our room last night and couldn’t believe how small our bed looked.  It’s just a box spring and mattress on the floor.  It’s actually really convenient for me to sit on – it’s the perfect height right now.

Anyway, we are pretty much all prepped but guess who is not here today?  The movers!  There’s a paperwork holdup so J’s start date in Hawaii may get delayed a few days.  And that means his company has put the movers on hold.  Yeah, we’re a little in the dark right now.  On the one hand, it’s frustrating because this could mean more time away from J.  He could be in Denver until things get resolved.  And in addition to that, we still don’t have our temporary place secured down there.  We were all set to pay for the month and then found out we may get delayed.  So I am super thankful I didn’t pay.  But now the poor lady is waiting to hear from us and if she gets another offer to rent the place, she has to give it to them.  I couldn’t ask her to hold it for us.

But the truth is that we can all cram in a small little hotel room for a month when we get there.  It’s not ideal, but we’ll all be together.  And so if we’re together, we can make anything work for a month.  So I’m trying not to stress too much about that.  J is scheduled to come home on Thursday night, and I’m hoping they go ahead and let that happen regardless of the paperwork.  They may want him to stay out there for more training, but I’d rather he be here to help when the movers actually do arrive.

Oh well.  We’ll figure it out.

So here’s the update on my body and my healing: ugh.  The fluid draining from my left side has definitely slowed down a bit, but then on Saturday, my right side started draining the same blood/fluid stuff.  At my last appointment, they poked a few holes in me and drained some fluid with a syringe.  Well, since then, I’ve been slowly having a bit of fluid come out.  But on Saturday it got much worse so I now have sterile pads on both sides.  It’s awesome.  Luckily, neither are filling every two hours like a week ago.  So there is improvement.

My backside suture is open about an inch long and it’s disgusting looking.  I actually called on Friday in tears and the nurse reassured me that it’s totally okay.  She said to just try not looking at it.  I’m supposed to keep it covered with gauze at all times and apply the prescribed cream twice daily.  Since Friday, it’s gotten easier to handle.  It’s actually the easiest part of the issues I have going on.  Which brings me to my next problem.

I had an area on my right hip last week that I mentioned.  It looked like the sutures had healed but then they started spreading apart.  It looked like blood was collecting underneath. The physician’s assistant at the office said it was superficial and dismissed it.  Well it really started to hurt and over the weekend, it completely popped open.  It’s also about an inch long, but unlike my butt crack suture opening, it’s actually bleeding.  I really can’t even look at it.  I kept bleeding through the gauze I applied so now I have a thick sterile pad on that area as well.

My appointment is in just a few hours and I’m hoping that can be stitched up.  I have no idea what they’ll do.  They may just tell me to wait and let it heal on its own.  I don’t know.  I’m not very patient and that’s waiting crap is getting old.

So at this point I have four areas on my body covered with sterile pads or gauze.  Yay!  I’m feeling increasingly frustrated because as of tomorrow, I will be four weeks out from surgery.

On the plus side, I went grocery shopping with J yesterday and although he did the lifting, I did okay walking for an hour.  I even wore jeans for the first time post-surgery!  We came home and worked on the house and I was on my feet for quite a bit of time.  And in addition to that, I slept for 8 hours last night without getting out of bed!  I don’t even think I woke up at all?  So that’s huge.  I’m still taking the Neurontin and I’m tired by about 9pm every night.

I haven’t been wearing my stomach binder in the past few days because it hurts that hip suture area too much.  I’m not sure if I’m experiencing extra swelling or not in my abdomen area.  I frankly just don’t care right this minute.  I can’t do the hip pain.

My surgeon called me on his way home from the office on Friday (after I called in tears), and we talked about all of my issues.  He again reiterated my need for extra protein and he reminded me that I needed 60-70g extra per day.  I’m sure he had told me that number before, but I don’t remember.  I thought I was doing so well with my protein but I guess not.  There is no way I’ve been getting that much daily.  So I choked down two protein shakes later that night.

On Saturday, my in-laws were here and they said they used their little blender system to mix the protein powder into their drinks.  Then I felt like a total dumbass.  I bought the big fancy Ninja earlier this year, and it came with two single-serve cups.  But I’ve been mixing my protein drinks by hand and I always end up with huge chunks of powder in them.  That meant I could only do one scoop of powder per drink and I needed multiple drinks to hit the required amount of protein.  Anyway, so Saturday, I threw a few scoops into the Ninja cup and added my milk.  Eight seconds later and I had a perfectly blended drink that completely hit my protein requirement.

Now I just have to do that every day until they pack up my Ninja.  We may have to get a little cheapy blender when we get to Hawaii to get me through until we get our stuff.  Or….I wonder if I could just pack my Ninja base and single-serving cups?  It’s worth a try.

Anyway, things are moving forward even if they don’t exactly feel that way right this minute.  I am moving around much better and these things taped all over me are simply an inconvenience.  But they aren’t keeping me from functioning, and I’m not needing to change them every two hours.  So it’s all okay.

The great news about our move delay is that we rent from my dad and stepmom.  They won’t kick us out so it’s not like we’ll be homeless because of this situation.  The only huge tragedy is that I have our internet set to cancel on the 30th.  Ha.  But I bet I could get U-verse to keep it turned on a few extra days.  I am actually kind of happy about a small delay because I want to be totally healthy before I hop on a plane and leave my surgeon.  I’m still taking the antibiotics and I want to make sure I get the all-clear on my infection.  And who wants to be covered in pads on a 12+ hour plane ride?  So I’m trying to see the positive in all of this.  Mostly, I just want J home with me.

I will update you all after my appointment.  Hope you had a great weekend!