Recovery – Day 8

“Happy Day After Your Birthday!  It still counts because we’ll be eating cake today.  After lunch.  At least I hope.”

I guess that’s my girl’s way of asking for more cake?  I feel it’s pretty effective!

Okay, so welcome to Recovery Day 8!  I slept in my own bed last night.  On my side!  It was faaaaaantastic.  Well, I kind of hurt when I woke up.  But I think that was more about the weaning of Norco than the sleeping location.  I can definitely tell a difference when I try to get out of bed.  However, once I work out the stiffness, I think I’m still okay on just the one pill every four hours.  I’m a bit less convinced that I’m ready to do away with them altogether though.

I’m scared.

I think I wasn’t as prepared for everything else that comes with surgery.  In my head, once you got past the pain, you were good to go.  Not so.  Walking from one end of the house to the other nearly gives me an asthma attack.  And I don’t have asthma.  And I still can’t walk without hunching over.  I’m not even sure my hunchback has improved by 50%?  I dunno.  And until last night, I’ve been wrapped in ace bandages from my ankles to my groin.  I read in the paperwork that I can wear lycra or spandex workout wear instead.  However, my running pants are too tight on my still-seriously-swollen stomach.  So I tried to do my spandex-y (mostly cotton) yoga capris.  I wore them overnight, but I’m afraid they aren’t tight enough on my legs.  I’ll ask today at my appointment.  But the ace bandages are a pain in the ass.  However, they made going pee much easier than the yoga pants.

I’m still wearing my stomach binder and I probably will be for a while.  It feels weird and tingly without it.  I don’t enjoy weird and tingly.

I weighed myself this morning.  Not because I give a rat’s ass about how much I weigh, but because I’m monitoring the swelling.  It was something like 153.5.  That means I’ve lost 6 pounds of water in the past few days!  So exciting!  My legs are really starting to take shape.  And I’ve done some thinking on why the scars are mostly placed on the backs of my thighs.  I think it helps gives the illusion that there are no scars.  I mean, sure, from the back, YOU all can see them.  But when I look down, my legs look GREAT! (Horribly bruised, but GREAT!)  And although it may be illogical…out of sight, out of mind.  This will be an evolving thing, I’m sure.  As the scars fade, we’ll see how confident I am in wearing mid-thigh shorts and skirts.  But no matter what, I know it will be a HUGE improvement.  Just the comfort of wearing shorts around the house is huge!  I could cry just thinking about it.  That extra skin was such a huge pain in the ass and it had little to do with how it looked.  I can’t wait to go running in shorts for the first time.  It will be glorious.

My boobs are gigantic right now.  I’m SO anxious to see what size they’ll be in the end.  I had a moment where I was a bit worried they took too much tissue out of them.  I mean, my THING has been big boobs – all of my life.  But I needed those big boobs to help offset the rest of me.  I don’t need that anymore.  So I’m excited for my boobs to not be a thing.  But right now it feels like the worst case of PMS ever – they are swollen and sore.

My stomach swelling has gotten smaller for sure.  But it still has a long way to go.  I can’t wait to see it in the end!

My post-op appointment is happening soon, so I’m off to shower.

• • • • •

It’s hours later.  The shower was interesting.  J still has to do all of the work while I just stand there trying not to pass out.  He thinks I should get a shower chair before he leaves on Sunday.  I’m thinking that’s a good idea.  I couldn’t/didn’t shave my legs and I was all stressed because ewwww – my poor doctor – but J insisted he wouldn’t care and he was totally right.

Anyway, after the shower, I had to get in bed for 20 minutes.  I was really wondering where in the hell I’d find the energy to get dressed, not to mention leave the damn house.  I have absolutely no appetite but I’m starving simultaneously.  I think that’s a huge part of my problem.  I don’t want to eat – I just want the nutrition to jump in my belly.  J has been making me eggs for breakfast everyday and he is constantly getting on me to eat.  But nothing sounds good.  I know this is normal but it sure feels weird.

I decided on some leggings because I read that I should still be wearing something constrictive on my legs (because of the liposuction).  I also threw on my needs-to-be-washed sleeping bra and a tank top, along with my stomach binder.  I couldn’t have felt more sucked in, but I was ready to move.  And for the first time in a week, I put in my contacts.  I did, however, forget to pluck my eyebrows.  Oops.

I still felt like crap but J made me eat a PB&J sandwich and an orange.  Oranges have become a favorite of mine because they are juicy but still food.  I don’t have to choke them down.  I ate the oranges and about half of the sandwich and called it good.  Ya know, I bought stuff for protein smoothies and J keeps offering to make them.  Have I taken him up on it yet?  Nope.  On my to-do list.

The minute I stepped outside in the fresh air I felt like a new woman.  I had forgotten that there was more to this world than my recliner, hallway, toilet, and now bed.

We made it to my appointment and I went in alone since J had the babies in the waiting room.

I stripped down naked and the surgeon came in quickly (who doesn’t come running when I get naked…ha…ha?!).  Yay for not having to wait!  He said everything looked fantastic, removed the surgical tape covering my incisions (which have all healed), took out the few real stitches in my breasts, and answered my questions about my lame right arm.  He thinks it’s a combo of the stirrups and the blood pressure cuff.  I was in surgery for 10 hours and that’s a long time for that cuff to be squeezing my arm.  He asked me to keep him updated, but he felt like it would improve over the next few days/weeks.  (If it doesn’t, he’ll refer me to someone at the hospital.)

Oh! And he said I have to keep my sleeping bra on 24/7 for 4 weeks, but otherwise, I have no restrictions.  He said many people want to wear some kind of shapewear on their legs for comfort, but that was up to me.  And I can continue to wear the stomach binder for as long as I’d like, but it’s not necessary.

He said my stomach will still be swollen for the next 4 months, but it will improve daily.  That seems like SUCH a long time, but I hope the majority of the swelling subsides within the next few weeks.  He also said I need to wear SPF 50 for the next 12 months EVEN under a swimsuit since we’re moving to Hawaii.  I don’t plan on taking any risks when it comes to scar discoloration, so I will be on that.  I have no problem being the only pale person in Paradise.  He suggested I use any moisturizer or over-the-counter scar cream (Mederma, for example) daily as well.

Also, he wrote me a new prescription for a “lighter” narcotic (Ultram) to use for the next few days.  But from there I will move to Aleve.  He also laughed when I told him I had been combining the Norco with Benadryl and he asked if it made me loopy.  Yes, yes it did.  I had no idea Benadryl was such serious business!

I forgot to ask him about my total fat/skin removed, but I have another follow-up appointment on the 16th.  I did find out that he ONLY removed tissue from my right breast because it had initially been lopsided.  It’s mandatory that they send the tissue off to the lab, and it came back cancer-free. Obviously, that’s great news.

From the appointment, we headed to CarMax to see about selling one of our cars.  That didn’t go so well (they wanted to pay much less than we owe), so J will be trying to sell it from our driveway.  Wish us luck!

By the time we made it home, I felt awful.  My lunch wasn’t enough to hold me over and I had to pee.  I am quickly discovering that my body isn’t playing around with food.  I may not feel like eating, but I have to do it anyway.  So I shoved some leftovers down my throat (after I used the bathroom of course), and that got rid of the headache and nausea.

I decided that although the leggings did a good job of holding me in, they make my legs feel super tingly.  Plus, they’re also a pain each time I pee.  So it’s back to the ace bandages.  They at least cover the sutures so they aren’t resting directly on the toilet seat.  And I realize that I’m only sitting down for 30 seconds to pee, but every second counts!  The pain is real.  He was right that keeping my legs wrapped does make a difference.  I can’t even explain it, but it helps.

In other random news, J’s travel to and from Colorado is officially booked.  I also booked his little mini trip home for the weekend of the 13-15.  I waited too long so that cost more than we anticipated, but it’s not the end of the world.  Now I’m trying to decide if I should have him come home the next weekend too – just to tie up any loose ends before the movers arrive.  It’s tempting.

We also have more dates set in stone.  The movers will be here from September 23rd-25th to pack and load everything.  J will be home crazy late on the 26th.  And then we are either leaving on the 27th or super early on the 28th for Hawaii.  He then starts work on the 30th.

It’s happening and it’s happening quickly.  We better buckle our seat belts!

I really wanted to take updated pictures tonight but I am wiped out.  Tomorrow, I promise!  Things won’t look any less gnarly by then, I promise. 😉


P.S. The kids did get their second dose of ice cream cake today, but they had to wait until after dinner.  Mommy passed.  But I will be taking J up on his protein shake offer in about an hour!

P.P.S. I remembered today that my fall classes started this week!  Eek!  Better get on that….tomorrow.