Recovery – Day 9 & Updated Pictures!

I’m happy to report that sleeping in my bed (on my side!!) the other night was NOT a fluke.  It’s not only doable – it’s comfortable!  However, I am still waking up every 2 hours, like clockwork.  It is the weirdest thing ever.  I’m one of those people that can sleep through a tornado or a freight train.  Sometimes it takes me a while to fall asleep, but once I’m out?  I’m out for the night.  But since surgery, I think I’ve only slept a full four hours a few times.  I can’t explain it.  It may be because I have to pee constantly.  I woke up 2 pounds lighter than I weighed in yesterday (151.6) which means I am peeing out some serious water.  But I really just don’t know.

The good news is that J had a follow-up appointment for his LASIK appointment this morning (therefore he wasn’t home) so I discovered that I can swing my legs over and get out of bed on my own.  It’s definitely easier with his help though.  And I was able to get back in bed on my own multiple times throughout the night.  I also decided to take two pain pills last night in an effort to sleep longer.  It clearly didn’t work.  And I didn’t notice any difference in my pain level while walking from the bed to the bathroom and back.  I’ll go back to one tonight.

But the huge exciting fact is that J and I were able to semi-cuddle before falling asleep and I missed that so much.  It’s like life is getting back to normal…just a little bit.  Right in time for him to leave for Colorado – ha.

Okay, moving on.

Ask and ye shall receive:

I mentioned needing a shower chair in yesterday’s blog post and my dad dropped one by this morning!  He has one of everything stashed in his garage.  And how in the hell did I manage to not get all of the chair in the picture?  Rookie mistake.

So I meant to include this yesterday but I was tired so it didn’t happen.  My mom & Roz sent me this birthday card and I loved it so much I wanted to share.

Hopefully you can read it.  If not, it says:

“If ever there was someone who danced to her own beat, Daughter, it’s you.  You don’t follow the crowd, you follow your heart.  And that’s a beautiful thing – because the world needs more sweet, funny, smart, true originals like you.  This year, hope your heart leads you to happy places, smiling faces, and dreams-come-true.  Happy Birthday with Love” (Hope it’s a great day! Love you, Mom & Roz)

How perfect and sweet is that?  Love it!  Thanks Mom & Roz.

I also received my birthday gift from J in the mail yesterday.  Underwear from Victoria’s Secret!  For the record, I am way too picky for anyone to buy clothing for me.  I specifically showed him the sale that VS was having and told him the size and underwear style.  He got to pick the designs, haha.  Love them!!

It’s the brief style that they often have on sale.  I love them – they are sexy(ish) but mostly very comfortable.  It’s the black underwear I wear in my monthly pictures.

And now I think I might take a nap.

• • • • •

Nap complete.  Also, two people have shown interest in J’s car that we have for sale (three cheers for living on a busy road!) so it has been a great afternoon.  He’s also finally going to get his mess of a hair cut.  Today couldn’t get better.

I think I might actually break down and do a little school work as well.  Blah.  I told you my fall classes before but here they are again:

Human Sexuality (finally had an opening in this class – woot!)
Intro to Philosophy
Microsoft Office

I won’t lie, I feel fairly proficient in MS Office, but I needed a third class.  I knew this semester would be rough with our move to Hawaii and my surgery, so I’m hoping it will be easy enough.  Watch – it will totally backfire and kick my ass.

• • • • •

Alright, so I only barely looked at my school stuff and then J’s parents came by to visit.  And then they hung out for the next few hours.  J had to take the kids to gymnastics so I was happy for the company.  And on top of that, his dad worked some magic and I think we have J’s car sold.  We’ll know tomorrow.  Nice!

Austin made this contraption and I just had to share:

J DID get his hair cut and he looks like a new man!

But on the negative side, I’ve gone back and forth all afternoon/evening with headaches and they are getting so damn old.  I decided to throw some of the protein powder in with milk and it turns out that it’s pretty delicious.  That’s way easier than making a smoothie.  I may be doing that a lot over the next few weeks.  It still takes a while for the headache to go away.  I’m not even totally sure if it’s related to food.  I just wish I could figure them out.  Until January of this year, I NEVER got headaches.  Now they just come in waves and I have no idea what it’s all about.  And then they’re gone.  I’m hoping these go away soon…and for good.

Guess what though?  I took updated pictures!  My daughter helped and I can’t stand too long so they are a bit blurry.  But look how much better everything looks!

Still rocking the bent-over-90-year-old look.

Using a stool is the only way I can even kind of stand up straight.  I really should have a rum bottle tipped up to my mouth to make this picture complete. :)

You can see that I’m still very swollen in the stomach.  I’m being patient.

Doesn’t that bruising look so much better?!  The other leg is worse, but it’s improving dramatically.

I couldn’t get all the tape off.  Working on that.

My breasts are REALLY bruised still but even those look way better these days.  It’s all coming along nicely!

You agree?  You can see the first set to compare here.

So tonight I started on the Ultram.  We’ll see how the pain goes.  I can only take this one every 6 hours.   Audra said to me tonight that she really didn’t like it when I took the medicine and talked funny. :(  I knew it was bothering them.  But I reassured her that I wouldn’t be taking those anymore and she seemed perfectly fine with that.

Okay, I’m done for the evening.  My energy level was definitely up a bit today and I was able to reach the “goal” on the breathing toy the hospital sent me home with all then times.  That’s a huge improvement from just two days ago.  Here’s hoping it all just continues to improve from here.