Tired Girl

I’m sitting here completely alone – I think for the first time since my surgery – and college football is playing on my TV.  I think the surgery fixed my body and broke my head.  What the hell?  Give me a second to switch it over to HGTV.

Okay, so I’m sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.  Let me recap.  I woke up.  J kind of sold the car but not totally.  We had to pay it off through the bank so we can get the title and THEN the guy will give us the cash.  If it falls through, I’m confident we’ll find another buyer.  So keep your fingers crossed for us – the title should be here by next Thursday.  The kids got showered and I packed their bags for their weekend with Nana & Gran.  I also made their lunches while J took the pups to get their nails clipped (way overdue).  Then I showered all by myself with my shower chair.

And then I felt like shit because I did way too much in a small amount of time.

We met up with Roz (Gran) to give her the kids and then J and I headed to his parents’ house for the day.  I felt absolutely awful (headache and nausea) so his mom gave me something to help with the nausea.  Well, the good news is that I felt much better.  The bad news is that I slept probably 6.5 hours out of the 7 we were there.  Oops.  But damn, they have a brand new comfy leather recliner and I was in heaven!  They all smooshed together on the sofa.

His dad made a delectable dinner – marmalade chicken, baked sweet potatoes, broccoli & corn.  I woke up, ate my prepared plate, and passed right back out.  I did wake up about 97 times to speed walk to the bathroom and back like a Granny on crack.

We came home just in time for my first shift on the crisis line since my surgery.  I was a little concerned about that since I could barely keep my eyes open.  But I was able to sleep between calls and I think I sounded pretty coherent/helpful to each of the callers.  Other than the few calls I received, I slept clear through until 10:30 this morning.  So with just a few interruptions, I essentially slept 18 hours straight.

The good news?  I feel fantastic today!  I really feel like I’m ready to get off the narcotics completely.  I can only take my current ones every 6 hours and I woke up an hour and a half late last night. (I slept 3.75 hours in one stretch – someone alert the media!!)  Other than my usual soreness from being stiff, I really didn’t feel that bad.  If I can only take one 50mg tablet and go 7.5 hours without feeling like I want to die?  I’d say that’s a sure sign that I’m ready to move onto the Aleve.

I talked to my friend C (who had the surgery a year ago) and she also got these headaches.  She said they were relieved once she quit taking the pain meds.  I’m hoping the same thing happens for me.  They are by FAR my biggest issue right now.  Other than bending over, I can walk around okay.  I mean, I can only be on my feet for about 15 minutes at a time, but that’s not bad.  I’m getting into and out of bed on my own.  And now I can shower with the chair.  So if I can banish these headaches, life will be soooo much better.  I want my mind back.  I made sure to get the physical things done before surgery (house organizing for example), but I need my mind for my schoolwork and Hawaii preparations (finding a place to live, scheduling our flights, etc).  And when I get the headaches, I can’t focus on anything but how much my head hurts.  I’m very hopeful that they go away soon.

Oh, but apparently while I was sleeping, J talked to his mom about coming to hang with me this next week during the day.  How sweet is that?  I know I could be okay, but I’m really grateful for the company (and help with the kids’ meals).  I am just overwhelmed by how amazing everyone has been with me during this surgery/recovery.  I hate to ask anyone for anything, and I really haven’t had to.  It’s just being done for me because they all know how I am.  I have to kind of laugh because I really thought that if someone could just help out with the kids (& dogs) during the first week, I’d be totally fine on my own.  HAHA.  No.  J had to do EVERYTHING for me during that first week.  My grandma would have been great moral support for me, but she couldn’t have done the physical part.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m so glad that it all worked out the way it did.

So today, my stepmom Joy came by for a few minutes this morning.  Then J cleaned up a bit, showered, and headed off to spend a few hours at Incredible Pizza with my mom, Roz, and the kiddos. I’m here…working on schoolwork.  Or blogging.  I suck.  But I did get to eat leftovers from last night.


And now, I’m really going to do schoolwork because I want to have my night free to hang with my favorite guy J.

• • • • •

It’s nearly midnight now.  I did get some of my schoolwork done before J came home.  Then the allure of his parents’ recliner became too much and we headed back over to their house for the evening.  We took our planned dinner down there and J’s dad cooked it.  We had turkey burgers, dijon green beans and corn on the cob (again).  Delicious.

And now we’re home – watching Notre Dame – while just lounging in bed.  Life feels almost normal again.  And to top it off, after my 9:30am dose of Ultram, I’ve only had 2 Aleve the rest of the day.  I feel like I own myself again!  To be totally honest, my legs are a little more sore than normal.  But you know what I haven’t battled since this morning?  Headaches!  I don’t really know if it’s related yet, but I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out.

Side note – I weighed in at 148.5 today.  That means I am dropping some serious water weight.  And my stomach binder closes about 3 inches more than it did post-surgery.  I’m loving it!

Okay, now I’m going to spend a little bit of time with J before we get some shut-eye.  He leaves for Colorado tomorrow.  I’m sad, but it’s only for a few days.  We can totally handle it.