So I had my areola repositioned yesterday.  What did you do? πŸ˜‰

I was kind of scared to death all day about it, but it ended up being easier than a trip to the dentist.  My surgeon performed the procedure with just a local anesthetic while another surgeon observed.  And since my mouth wasn’t propped open and filled with metal instruments, I could ramble on and it helped pass the time.  The whole thing took about 90 minutes and I hope the right matches the left better now.  I only looked once at the end and it’s covered in tape right now.  It all grosses me out.

It started bleeding last night and totally ruined my brand new purple sleeping bra.  Boo.  But it’s a small price to pay for matching areolae.  Amiright?

Dr. Sando checked my drainage areas and they are tiny tiny tiny now!  I’m just wearing 2×3″ fabric bandages over them currently and that seems to be perfect.  My hip suture hole has closed up by half I think.  It may be in my head, but it seems way smaller.  Not sure about my backside one.  I’m doing fantastic with my 80g protein shakes and I’m still inserting the calcium alginate pieces in daily.  That really does seem to be helping.  I’m just excited that it all feels like part of my daily process now and less like a big damn event after each shower.  I also have it worked out – I just shower daily but only wash my hair every other day.  Because my hair is so thick, that’s all it really needs.  I mean, it looks like a hot mess on the off days because it always gets a little wet, but really…do I look like I care? (And I’m pretty sure I have a shower cap somewhere, but again, not that worried about it.)

So my real reason for posting?!  We are finally Hawaii bound!  J is flying in from Denver for the last time in 3 hours.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that we will be together permanently now.  The movers will be here tomorrow morning.  And we have flights booked to Honolulu for this coming Saturday.  Shut the front door!  It’s going to be a long ass continuous flight because we only have one connection and it’s in Chicago.  I will be getting up every hour or two to walk around.  Also, this is all bittersweet of course because we are leaving family, but I think it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

And the great news is that although our timeframe was delayed by a week, we are still going to get that temporary house that we wanted!  And the even better news is that we will get to stay there for the full month even with the delay.  We thought it meant we could only stay there for 3 weeks (because of others renting it), but nope.  Woot!  THIS will be my backyard in a week!  (Even if it’s only for a month.)

I’m also really excited that J will be here when the movers come.  They are always very professional and good at their jobs.  I just get overwhelmed with so many people in the house when he’s not here.  Things are working out.  I’m feeling much more healed, and we finally have concrete dates for everything.  It’s scary but so very exciting!

Quickly returning to the healing subject, I’m still on the Cipro and Neurontin for another few days, but I’m down to taking Tylenol just once a day for pain management.  I’m walking great and my sleep has been fairly good (except when I take a 2 hour nap and then drink caffeine like a moron).  Today marks 5 weeks since my surgery and I’m really really glad I did it.  I still sort of feel like a science project when I look in the mirror because my body really doesn’t look like my own yet.  That’s been a good thing though with all of the doctor appointments.  It doesn’t feel odd at all to strip down and be poked (ha) and prodded.  It’s like they are looking at someone else’s body.  Having a surgeon stand over you and assess your breasts for symmetry is definitely an interesting experience.  It’s best to just pretend like it’s not happening.  I can definitively say that his ceiling tiles are quite clean but there is one spot that appears to have less texture than the others.  I should have asked him about that.

Well, I’m off to shower (it’s a non-hair washing day), eat lunch, and go pick up mah man.  This is all really happening!  Ahhhhh!