Hello Hawaii!

Well, it’s been a minute since I blogged.  Sorry about that.  Soooo much going on, what with a move from Indianapolis to Honolulu and all.  Anyway, we are here.  I live in Hawaii.  Holy shit.

Last week felt like it took an eternity and flew by in a flash simultaneously.  You think that having movers come to your home and do all of the heavy lifting means that you can sit poolside (assuming we had a pool, which we didn’t) and drink Mai Tais in celebration of your upcoming move.  But the truth is that we didn’t relax one minute while they packed up and hauled out our belongings.  We finished up last minute things and ran around trying to keep the dogs from getting outside.  We answered the movers’ questions and filled out insurance paperwork.  Then we spent time killing mosquitoes because the doors were open all day.  It was a good time.  But hey, I’m honestly not complaining because it would have been 472 times worse had we tried to do it all on our own!  My point is that last week was hard core.

And the puppies were so sad.

I’m happy to report that they are set to rejoin our family in mid-January when my mom and stepmom come out to visit.  We got the flights booked and everything.  And although they miss us, they are happily settling into their temporary home.

Oh!  So last Tuesday J arrived home from Denver and it was an amazing feeling knowing that I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to him anymore.  I’m still adjusting to that.  I keep thinking, “When he leaves next…” but that period of our life is over and done.

But right before I picked him up from the airport, I found the most perfect set of dressers on Craigslist.  So I ambushed the poor guy and told him we had to go get them before heading home.  I feel like he should be excited because the other dressers I found at West Elm were over $2000.  These were under $400.  Win!  He was just grumpy and couldn’t understand my excitement.  But that’s okay because I was excited enough for the two of us and he still did it.  Good husband.

I have seriously been looking for midcentury modern dressers for TWO freaking years.  And the day before the movers arrive, I found this perfect set online.  That’s gotta be fate, right?  I can’t wait to get my new bedroom set up!  (I still need to find a headboard and night stands.)

They also had this media stand/credenza for $200 so I grabbed it as well.  The top is laminate and doesn’t match all that well.  I’m thinking I may paint it teal/peacock blue.

It looks a bit janky in this picture but I think it will look great when it’s all set up.  Or maybe it won’t.  Hell, I don’t know.

Anyway, I could describe in detail all of the events of last week but I won’t bore you.  I did stop taking any pain meds (I was only doing Tylenol) so that felt like a big accomplishment.  I couldn’t believe how functional I was while the movers were there.  I knew without a doubt that the delay was a great thing.  No way could I have been up and moving around so much the previous week.  I did sort of slack off on my protein drinks though because we had the Ninja packed up in my suitcase.  (It’s here with us – woot!)  I bought some more powder last night and I will get back on that regimen in just a few minutes.

I finished up both the Cipro and the Neurontin so I am no longer taking any sort of medication.  Freedom!  As far as my body is going, the open area on my right hip has closed up and scabbed over.  My two draining holes have basically closed up.  So I am only using bandaids on those three areas.  My open area in the back hasn’t improved at all.  I’m still putting in the calcium alginate daily and wearing gauze over it.  The tape is making my butt cheeks so damn itchy, but I can’t come up with any other solution.

So really considering that’s my only issue (well and this damn lower abdomen swelling), I’m feeling fanfreakingtastic.  I still have tape over my altered areola and I’m supposed to leave that until it starts to fall off.  The tape, not the areola.  Obviously.  I’m anxious to get in the ocean, but I guess I should wait until all of my extra (and unnecessary) holes are healed completely before I do that.  I’m excited!

I wore my first pair of jeans for an extended period of time yesterday, and it felt so awesome.  And I never thought I’d be excited about wearing an underwire bra, but I did and I was!

Back to the weekend…the flight over was fairly uneventful.  I spent some serious nights wrestling with the possibility that we may crash and because I’m dramatic, I pictured myself mouthing “I’m soooooooooooorry” to J as the plane went down.  You know, because moving to Hawaii was mostly my idea.  Totally not true.  But again, I’m dramatic.  I’m not actually scared of being dead but I’m scared of the process of dying.  Like if we crashed in the ocean, would we drown? Would the fireball from the plane kill us instantly?  I dunno. But either way, it kept me up at night and I’m glad that none of that happened.  We all got to sit together – 5 seats in the middle section.  It was nice that we never had to bother anyone to get up and pee and all of our crap sat nicely side by side.

We arrived at the airport and after releasing a huge sigh of relief that we made it alive, I took a minute to gasp at our surroundings.  I took a few pictures, but honestly they just pale in comparison to the actual beauty of this place.

See?  Not that great.  But in person, it’s amazing.

We settled into our temporary rental and I’m still amazed at our backyard.  We are up in the rainforest and the climate absolutely lives up to its name.  I’ve never seen so much rain while the sun is shining.  And even when it’s not raining, it sounds like it is because of the two waterfalls behind our house.  J is kind of over the sound at night, but I still love how it lulls me to sleep.

The only downside to this gigantic home?  We are sharing it with another guest.  One who is a fan of bananas, apples and cheese.

It’s evaded capture three nights in a row at this point.  It’s even eaten the cheese off of a few traps without getting caught.  The owner has been right on it and Terminix has even been out.  But he’s an elusive little jerk.  We’ll see what happens.  All I know is, the kids are frightened.  They each have their own bedroom, yet the night before last they all slept together on the futon.

I don’t actually think it has anything to do with the rat – it’s more that the house is big and unknown and scary.

As I mentioned on Facebook, we attempted our first hike right behind our house.  There are a few trails in this area, but we weren’t sure if we were supposed to cross the stream or not so we headed back.  Turns out, we were.  But J and I were wearing our tennis shoes, so of course we needed to buy some hiking shoes.  I’m so excited to get back out and try them!

We also did a little driving tour of Honolulu and I looooooved it!  I can’t wait to get out and explore it all on foot.  It’s frustrating because the tourist in me wants to do everything rightthisminute!  But the new Hawaii resident in me wants to space things out so we have plenty to do over the next few years.  But the vibe here is so different.  It’s amazing.  I can’t put my finger on it just yet.

At this point, the entire house is waking up daily at 6:30am.  It’s odd to do this for no reason as I’m such a night owl.  But I can barely keep my eyes open past 10pm.  And then as soon as J’s alarm goes off in the morning, I’m wide awake – no matter how much I try to fall back asleep.  I’m wondering how I will do this weekend when he doesn’t need to wake up.  But then again, there is so much I want to do!  There are pumpkin festivals (yes, even here!!) to attend, trails to hike and beaches to explore.

We all got to get our first touch of the Pacific Ocean on Sunday (in Pearl Harbor), but we actually went to our first proper swimming beach yesterday.  We didn’t actually swim though because we were looking at neighborhoods for our future home.  This weekend there will be swimming! (For the kids anyway.)

Speaking of our future home, we are all over the map.  Well, figuratively we are, literally we are focused on two towns.  And that’s not really on purpose, but it’s just that all of the new development is happening there and I really want something less than 20 years old.  I want an updated home with nice landscaping.  I’m not picky at all.  Ha.

We’ve been planning to rent all along, but after spending hours yesterday driving around and talking to a realtor plus a new home sales office, we may be changing our minds.  I found a model home that was pure perfection, but the floor plan I wanted is sold out.  And even if it wasn’t, we’d have to wait until February or March for it to be completed.  So we are looking at existing homes now in the same vicinity.  It’s so strange because the neighborhoods each have their very own feel.  Some feel cramped and apartment-like while others feel cozy and very much like home to me.  So it may take some work, but I think we will find a good fit for us – whether it’s renting or buying.  The homes are constantly increasing in value, so it could be a good investment to buy.  It’s all very scary though.  I would never want to make ourselves house poor, and that’s incredibly easy to do in this area.

I will keep you updated!

I’m sort of (unnecessarily) overwhelming myself in general at this point.  I wanted to take a week to just relax and enjoy myself here.  But I’m finding that impossible.  I’m antsy and there is so much floating around in my head.  I need to figure out our homeschooling curriculum (it’s semi-required in this state), start organizing activities/classes for the kids, and work out this house thing.  Okay, so that’s really not that much.  Why am I making it so big in my head?  Because that’s what I do.

What I do know is that my former home-body self is not having any of that shit these days.  I want to gooooo.  I’m home all day while J is at work with our only vehicle.  Well, I wouldn’t get out and drive around here anyway just yet, but my point is that I’m ready to get out and do things when he gets home.  I can’t tell if he hates that?  But it doesn’t matter.  We will no longer be that family that spends every evening on the couch.  I have watched exactly one TV show (Sons of Anarchy!) and two (kid) movies since we have been on this island and I am perfectly fine with that.  I want to goooooooo.  I just need to come up with some sort of system so I can figure out what it is I want to do.

J is settling in okay at work.  His hours are all over the place and probably always will be.  Thankfully, they will be mostly flexible which means he can largely avoid rush hour each day.  And it sounds like he may be able to do four 10 hour days and take each Friday off.  It all depends on what he has going on there, but we’re no strangers to differing shifts each day, so I think we’ll handle it just fine.

Oh!  The kids already made friends next door.  There is a little girl Austin’s age and her brother is just two years younger.  Their grandma (who is our neighbor) watches them daily after school.  Now we just have to actually be here in the afternoon so they can all play together.  😉

One thing I wasn’t anticipating is the super early sunsets.  It’s getting into the winter season, and it’s dark by 6:30pm.  But a quick search online shows that it always gets dark by 7:30pm.  I had no idea!  It’s a bit of a bummer, but I guess we will have to cram our outdoor activities in on the weekends.  I’d love it if we spent our weeknights visiting with new friends!  Now we just have to actually make some new friends.

That’s pretty much all I have for you.  Sorry the post is all over the place.  I have posted a ton of pictures (with captions) on my personal FB page that you are welcome to check out.  I just didn’t want to inundate the blog post with them. :)  We are settling in and I’m really feeling like we made the right decision!  Aloha!


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    Hawaii was my home for 5 years during college and grad school. :) Can’t wait for you check out Haleiwa and Sunset Beach during the winter, when the surfs up and the crazy surfers take 20 foot waves. It’s amazing. The North Shore of Hawaii in general is wonderful. Waialua is a lovely stop because the beaches are so so so empty :) Chinaman’s Hat…got to go see that area too :) Anyway, so much beauty. I miss it deeply.

    • says

      Hi! Thanks for commenting. I can’t wait to head up there and see the surfers tackling those waves! I was just mentioning to my husband that I needed to get up to the North Shore ASAP. I will also write down Waialua and Chinaman’s Hat – thank you!