5 Months Post-Surgery

I haven’t given an update about my skin removal surgery in a while, and I promised monthly pictures.   I skipped the four month post altogether, but I did take pictures so I’ll post those in this one.

My weight is just steadily increasing and I’m definitely feeling some anxiety over that.  It’s frustrating how easy I can pack on fat while it seems to be getting more difficult to take it off.  However, I’m guessing my new love for wine is not helping matters, and I haven’t been doing any vigorous exercise. Soooooo, it’s not like I’m blameless here.  It’s just not fantastic all around.
Anyway, I’m healing quite nicely.  My scars are continuing to flatten out, and the color is improving.  The swelling is the worst part now.  I thought it would be gone by now, but any little bit of activity increases it.  However, my water intake is not ideal so I’m guessing that would help.  (I really am not helping myself, am I?)
So here are the picture pictures:
4 Months Post-Surgery
5 Months Post-Surgery
Huge difference, and not in a good way.  You can even see how swollen I am in the 5 month pictures. It’s crazy.  And it’s not just that I can see it – I can feel it.  I feel like my belly is stretching.  Ick.
So right now, I’m working on creating some good habits.  It’s not going entirely smoothly just yet, but I gotta start somewhere.  My short-term goals are to walk every day for 30 minutes and lift weights for just 10 minutes per day.  We’ve been doing the walking thing since January 20th, but we’ve now missed 4-5 days.  Clearly, it’s not quite a habit yet.  I haven’t started the weight-lifting thing yet.  Today or tomorrow.  That’s the plan.
I’m thinking about starting a Facebook group for it, so if you’re interested, let me know.  It doesn’t really matter what habit you’d like to create.  I figure we’re all trying to change something.  Sometimes it’s just good to have a little more accountability than simply telling your spouse.  
I’m hoping that my 6 month update will be sunshine and roses.  Wish me luck!