Damn Body

So, today, I’m feeling pissed off at my body.  And I don’t really wanna talk about it.

But yesterday, we spent the whole day in Honolulu and I blogged about that on my other site.  Our family walked 9.8 miles in total, and my Fitbit was super proud of me.  Of course my scale didn’t show the same love this morning.

Anyway, today I went to Zumba and dripped sweat everywhere.  I’m hoping they get the a/c fixed at the gym.  Soon.

After the gym, our homeschooling group had an end-of-year pool party that included cookies and brownies and chips and pretzels and donut holes.  I think there were some carrots and fruit kabobs too.  But mostly the former things.

We just ate dinner and now we need to do our little weight lifting thing.  Then we’re off to walk.  And then to bed because I’ve been up since 5am.

Happy Last Week of May!