Amazing Days

Oh man, this weekend was incredible.  We didn’t have anything planned, so I figured we’d just hang around the house and do a whole lot of nothing.  But then we decided to get active at the last minute because the weather was looking fantastic.  And that was a great idea.

On Saturday, we woke up early and drove the van up to get the oil changed – just about a mile from our house.  So on the way home, we zigged and zagged and did four miles of running intervals.  And then we walked another mile.  And then we walked yet another mile back to the station when our van was ready.

So it was a super active morning.

In the early afternoon, I decided it was a great day to check out a new snorkeling area.  We’ve heard so much about Shark’s Cove in the recent months, but it’s not a good place to visit during the winter because of the high surf.  I checked the daily surf report, and it looked perfect.  So off we went.

I needed to try out my new waterproof camera (my last one broke after six months), so I was super excited to catch some great shots of the various fish.  Unfortunately, the camera is awful, but the fish were incredible.  Guess it will be getting returned.

But I did get one picture of my three favorite littles…bubbles and all. :)

I can’t wait to go back there again.  With a different camera.

Between the intervals and the snorkeling, we were exhausted Saturday night.  But we still managed to lift weights and go on our walk.  And my food for the day was perfect.

Yesterday, we woke up early again (loving that!), and decided to go hiking.  We hadn’t been since it poured on us on Mother’s Day, and we wanted to try that trail again.  Such a great idea, and we had a really fantastic time.  If you’re interested, you can read all about it here.

Our hike lasted about four and a half hours, and my HRM said I burned 1700 calories in that time.  Seriously.  So of course that meant we picked up chocolate fudge sundaes on our way home.  And then we had frozen pizza for dinner.  And then I had a cereal snack before bed.  But I still had a 1000 calorie deficit for the day.

When I read that back, I feel kind of dumb for wondering why my weight is going back up.  But it is, despite some healthy calorie deficits.  And truthfully, I have been eating pretty cleanly most days.  J reminded me that I was stuck in this weight range for a while the first time too.  And when I look back at my weight tracking page, he’s totally right.

However, today I don’t feel quite right.  I think I’m just tired from the weekend, but I’m nauseous and I have a tension headache.  And I feel so hungry – not snacky.  I’m trying so hard to listen to my body because I want to do this the right way.  So I’m thinking that I will take it a little bit easy this week on the exercise.  Today, we went for a 7 mile bike ride, but it was slow and I only burned about 250 calories.  And although I planned to go to BodyPump tomorrow morning, that’s not gonna happen because my daughter has a birthday breakfast at the Disney hotel to attend.  But really that’s okay, because I’ll find some other exercise to do.

I’ve had it in my head that I need to kill it in cardio every day, but I’m wearing myself out.  So for this week, I’ll take it down a notch and see what happens.  I’m still counting calories so nothing else is changing.  This is all such a damn experiment to see what works.  Maybe my body just lost so much the first week that it had nothing left to give this past one.  And that’s okay.  I’ll be happy to wind it down a bit and then get back in high gear next week.

I’m taking it easy tonight – I had a good-sized dinner and I’m even having a little wine.  I’m not sure if we’ll go on our walk.  I’m thinking I’ll feel much better when I wake up tomorrow….refreshed and ready to go.

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