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Let’s talk about how I’m down to my lowest weight in 5 freaking months.

Yeah I’m pretty damn excited.

No headaches.  No light-headedness.  No killing myself with ridiculous amounts of exercise and no depriving myself of delicious foods.

Aside from having to log everything I put in my mouth, I’m pretty excited about my current situation.

I’m easily fitting my food into my daily calorie budget.  I’m shocked that when I pay attention, I can eat just fine.  I don’t at all feel like I’m dieting.  And although I obviously went through a few days of rebellion, I’m happy to see my body getting back in gear.  I’ve even been a little better with my water. I wonder if that’s a coincidence?  Maybe that’s a huge key.  I’m not sure.

We’ll see how I feel in another week.  But that’s how I’m feeling today.  And really, the present is all that matters. :)

We have not eaten out in six weeks.  Can you believe it?!  I cannot.  We’ve gotten coffee out twice, but I don’t count that.

I’m so proud of us!  And now I’m working on keeping track of our grocery spending as well.  Plus, I’ll be comparing prices between the major stores in our area.  I really want to lower our bills as much as possible.

I mentioned before that we’re looking into buying a house.  We hit about 10 (or more?) open houses on Sunday.  It’s fun but exhausting.  I want to make sure we don’t overextend ourselves but when the minimum prices around here are half a million dollars, that feels next to impossible.

We paid $73,500 for our first house.  The difference is unbelievable.  It’s shocking how different housing markets are!

We still have a few months until our lease is up though, so we’re taking our sweet time.  I’m enjoying figuring out what’s TRULY important in a home.

I’m not enjoying finding homes that are waaaaaay over our budget.  And falling in love with those homes.  I have to stick to my approved list when heading out to look at open houses!

In other news, I’m being a total nerd and buying things personalized with my blog names.  And now I’m thinking of having simple logos designed for both.  I’m so picky though and I don’t like lots of cutesy graphics.

Here is what I bought for our The Wandering Five blog:

I felt super lucky to find that silhouette image that kind of fits our family.  But I’d like to have someone design something more personal to us.  Or I could even do that myself in Photoshop using images of the kids.  But then I’d like to incorporate it into the text of blog name itself.  I’m so not creative like that.

And then today I got a hair up my butt and decided to design some shirts for this blog.  Here is what I came up with so far:

However, I’d love to have something that is a little more unique.  I want something that couldn’t just easily be made on one of the custom sites.  Does that make sense?

So I’ll keep playing around.  But I’m so grateful for my blog name, because I really feel like this title fits MOST of us.  I don’t know very many experts. :)

Would you buy one (with more color/shirt options)?

I love them even if they aren’t unique.  So I may get them anyway.  But if you know someone who’d be able to help me with a text-based logo, I’d love that!

So let’s talk about that last few days.  Tuesday, I was supposed to go to Combat.  I ended up skipping it and riding my bike.  J really pushed me (even though he’d already done his own 15 miles!) and we knocked out 12 miles and I burned 400 calories.  And we walked that night.

Yesterday, I helped lead a yoga class with my workout buddy for our homeschooling group.  She has a lot more knowledge than I do, so I did more of the planning.  I printed out pose sheets for the kids to keep.  But she went through the actual moves with them.  It was fun!

After that, J and I did BodyPump at home again – following a YouTube video.  I burned almost 300 calories.  I decided to go with my body weight only for both squats and lunges.  Using the weights creates so much tension in my neck.  I don’t love that.

And then we walked again.

My food was great both days.

Audra is watching me measure everything, and that’s scary.  The boys don’t care, but she’s a girl.  I would never want my actions to create a dysfunctional way of eating for her.  So last night, we had a long talk about exactly what is going on.  I let her know that I’m trying to make sure I eat the normal amount – not too much and not too little.  When I don’t measure, I run the risk of doing one of those things.  I eat whatever food I want to eat (which is true!), I’m just trying to eat a healthy portion size.  I explained to her that because I’m working out more, I feel sick if I don’t eat enough.  So I want to make sure that doesn’t happen.  But when I eat too much, that makes me not feel great as well.

I really feel like we’re handling it the best we can.  I haven’t once said, “Oh man, I wish I could have that.” When she offers me a Starburst, I eat it.  I don’t refuse it because I’m dieting.  I had cake at a birthday party.  And I’ll never turn down a piece of chocolate if it’s offered.  And when we went to have frozen yogurt, I had some.  I ate less than everyone else, but I still had a little bit of everything that sounded good.  So I hope we’re not confusing her.

(Does eating that frozen yogurt count as eating out?  I did have it for lunch that day.  I’m not counting it though.)

Overall, I feel like things are going well.  I’m feeling encouraged and like I have a purpose again.  I’m not sure exactly what that purpose is, but I don’t just feel like I’m flailing through life.  I have a few things I’m focusing on (house hunting, blogging, being healthy), and that always makes a difference for me.

I’m sure I’ll have another rough day soon.  I wouldn’t be me without those every once in a while, but for now, yay for happiness!

Today’s plan is to go grocery shopping (Thursdays are seriously my fave!) and then do some kind of cardio.  Running intervals, bike riding, something…

And if you’re wondering if I’m still loving my Fitbit Flex, the answer is YES!  And now they just updated their phone app so we can track our walks and bike rides without using a separate one for GPS. (We were using Strava before.)  And just like MyFitnessPal, you can now scan your food labels when logging your calories.  It worked great yesterday.

That’s my update.  It was a long one today. :)

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