I figured you were wondering how I was doing, and that’s my answer.  I’m bloated.

I’ve been a bit rebellious over the past few days.  Rebellious against whom, you ask?  The scale.  The Fitbit.  Myself.  Whatever.

Friday wasn’t bad, but I had a few servings of (homemade) fries at dinner.  And maybe some wine.

Saturday, I went to a birthday party and honestly I didn’t overindulge.  But I also barely got in any steps and zero exercise for the day.  We didn’t even go on our walk.

Sunday, I’m pretty sure I ate the whole damn day away.  We did do BodyPump at home, but again, no walk.

Today, I went to a potluck at the beach, and I didn’t go crazy, but I also couldn’t really calculate my calories.  However, I brought a bowl of cut-up fruit, so that was a win.  But because I had no idea what my calories were for the day, I probably went a little overboard at dinner.  And although we talked about going for a bike ride the whole afternoon and evening, it never happened.  But we did walk, so I nearly hit my 15k step goal.

So it wasn’t so great, and I totally deserve to be feeling shitty.  But it’s not a huge deal.  Get-togethers change my frame of mind (and not in a good way!), so that’s something I need to work on.  But tomorrow is a new day, and I’m looking forward to kicking some Combat ass in the morning.

I have got to stop focusing on the scale, but I also need to make sure that my body is responding to my actions.  Maybe consistently burning 1000 calories more than I consume isn’t the right option.  Maybe I need to vary it some to confuse my body.  My activity level (the past few days notwithstanding) is pretty much perfect in my opinion.  I’m encompassing many different things (weight lifting, kickboxing, biking, yoga, walking) while not feeling like it’s all I do.

So this week, I’m going to try changing it up daily.  And I already eat different calorie amounts daily based on my activity level.  So this will be all about the deficit.  One day I will strive for 1000 calories, but maybe the next day I’ll only be under by 500.  Or maybe one day I’ll be under by 1200.  The point is that it still averages out to the right number, and hopefully my body can’t get used to it.

I clearly am just doing my best and this is all trial and error.  It may be totally wrong – we’ll see.  You know I’ll keep you updated.

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