Inching Down

Looky, looky…I’m blogging twice within a week.

Okay, so on Wednesday, J and I totally rocked our jogging intervals.  I’m working so hard on lengthening my stride and I am definitely improving!  We cut another two minutes off of our 3 mile time.  And I’m starting to enjoy it more and more.  We are still doing 2 minutes of walking and then 2 minutes of jogging.  Right now, we are averaging a little over 13 minutes/mile.  I’m pretty impressed with that.  I’m interested to see how much we improve before the marathon in December.

We originally planned to alternate walking and jogging miles, but now I’m wondering if we should just do time intervals instead.  We still have five months – I think we have time to get that figured out.

So yesterday, I woke up and weighed myself.  After a few days of holding onto some serious water, I was relieved to see my weight back down.  But in two weeks, I haven’t lost anything.  And that’s frustrating.  But then I measured myself, and great news: I’m down 2.5 inches!  Yep, in just two weeks!  It’s not surprising that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s still nice to be reminded with such obvious evidence.

I haven’t logged my food in a few days and I also haven’t been eating the greatest.  Not cool.  We also haven’t done BodyPump yet tonight, and we are already a day late on that.

Can’t start slacking now – I’m just getting started!

Hope you have a great weekend! We’ve got a fair plus I have a photography session tomorrow night!  Good few days ahead!

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