It’s a New Month

Okay, well the six week streak has ended.  We ate out this weekend.  And it wasn’t a date night.  But it was after a 4 hour hike, and I burned a lot of calories.  And I was tired.

I enjoyed every bite.

So since I’m way behind on blogging, here is a recap:

Friday: got my hair done.  My best girl got her hair totally chopped off and she looks like a rockstar.

Before (long, beautiful, but eternally tangled):

After (short, sassy, and easy to maintain):

It’s only been a few days but she still loves it.  Yay!

My hair was just uneven, super bulky, and had some serious gray roots.  And now it’s fabulous.

I didn’t end up doing any cardio on Friday. (Or Thursday for that matter.)  But we walked both days.

Saturday, we met up with a guy from high school.  He’s in the Navy and here with his ship.  We haven’t seen him in probably a decade, and he wanted to go hiking.  That’s the best way I can think of to reconnect!

We hiked Kuli’ou’ou Ridge for the second time, and we all had fun.  It felt way harder than the first time for some reason.  The trail is 5 miles long, and my HRM said I burned 1900 calories.  J’s count was waaaaay lower than that.  Apparently he’s in much better shape because he normally burns more calories on average.

After the hike, we went down to Waikiki to find frozen yogurt.  It was a sweet treat after such an intense (and muddy) workout.  But we ended up walking around downtown for 2 miles because we dropped our friend off at his hotel and then walked back to the van.

So on the way home, we were exhausted and decided to use that as an excuse to eat out.  We had Panda Express.  We really couldn’t have chosen a more horrible (but delicious) food.

We didn’t even walk that night.  Too tired.

Sunday, we went to look a ton of open houses.  The whole buying-a-house experience is becoming less exciting by the day.  But it did give me an excuse to do my hair, wear makeup, and even don a pretty dress.  I didn’t take a picture.

That night, we did our BodyPump routine (thanks to YouTube!) and went for our walk.  I totally phoned the weights in though.  Doing them at home is definitely not the same as the gym.  I don’t even think I broke a sweat.  Not cool.

Monday, J and I did running intervals for 3 miles.  I burned 463 calories in 45 minutes – pretty awesome!  My heart rate was sooooo high while J’s was not.  It’s so interesting to compare how hard we’re working at the same speed.  But I’d like to do intervals once a week.  I was so sweaty at the end, and that always feels productive.

We went on our last walk of the month that night, and I haven’t added up our miles.

Okay, I just did.  And I’m pretty impressed. J biked 168 miles, while I only biked 96.  Together, we hiked, walked or ran 97 miles.  We didn’t quite meet our 100 mile monthly goal, but I’m not complaining.  I looked through my Fitbit stats and June 21st was the only day I was a total lazy ass.  No cardio, weight lifting or walk.  But other than that, we kicked June’s ass.  We only skipped our evening walk four times, and most days we did some sort of activity in addition to our walk.

So basically, we are awesome.  And it really does feel absolutely great being active.

Yesterday, I went to BodyCombat at the gym, and I had a killer workout.  I wore my new high-support bra from Target, and it made all the difference in the world.  I didn’t have to brace my chest even one time.  It ain’t the sexiest thing in the world, but it does a bang-up job.  Good enough for me.

Last night, we went over to a friend’s house for dinner.  I had wine, bbq shredded chicken, baked beans, salad, coleslaw, a brownie, and chips with cheese dip.  And although I couldn’t exactly count calories, I estimated and because of my killer Combat class (and our walk), I still burned more than I consumed for the day.  My scale didn’t get that memo of course, but what does it know?

I feel pretty great about how my mentality isn’t in restriction mode.  It’s purely about being cognizant of what goes in my belly.  Of course that means that I may not lose weight as a super fast pace, but I am losing weight.  In the last week, I’m averaging about a 500 calorie/day deficit.  If the numbers really work, that means I should be losing about a pound a week.  But I’m all over the place, and still not drinking enough.  So I’m not sure what’s gonna happen.

But I’m really trying to just focus on the process.  If I can be active every day, and eat enough to fuel my body, I will find myself exactly where I want to be.  Where ever that is.

Okay, I’m off to do something productive.  I skipped the gym this morning, so I need to figure out what I’m doing for exercise today.  Plus, J would probably appreciate it if I did some laundry.  And my vision board is still begging to be completed.  And I have a billion posts to write for The Wandering Five.

But honestly, I’ll probably sit here and play Candy Crush while watching the Big Brother live feeds.

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