Something Will Stick

Well the past week was a hot freaking disaster.

I logged my food exactly two days out of seven.  And I snacked.  A lot.
I drank alcohol almost every day.
I did BodyPump once, running intervals once, and BodyCombat once.
We walked three miles every day.


It’s interesting to see what I’m now considering an ‘off’ week.  My food was a mess – there’s no denying that.  Although we didn’t eat out at all, our ‘eating-in’ food wasn’t spectacular.  I had frozen pizza twice and frozen empanadas twice as well.

They were good.  Not gonna lie.

But today is a new day.  I’m excited about this coming week.  Not because there are any big events happening.  But I’ve got a lot swirling around in my brain and I’m hoping I’m patient with myself enough to get it all done.  I’m really good at quickly getting overwhelmed and shutting down.  So above all else, I’m working on not doing that.

Besides my to-do list, I’m planning to log my food every day and actually exercise consistently! At this point, I don’t consider our walks exercise.  I mean, it is technically, but because I am so dang sedentary throughout the day, that walk is just kind of trying to make up for that.

I’m learning SO much about myself lately.  I start feeling down when I’m not being productive.  But being productive alone is difficult for me.  So I want a partner.  But I’m picky, so having help isn’t really an option.  Make sense?

However, I don’t mind having help with household chores.  My bathroom is littered with dirty laundry.  I don’t think it’s gonna do itself.


Anyway, I’m making no sense.  The gist is that I’m pushing through my fear of failure.  And I have a lot of laziness/perfectionism issues that I also have to battle.  But I just know that if I consistently ignore those assholes and don’t stop trying new things, something is bound to stick.  It just has to.  There is no alternative.  One day I’ll look back on this post and remember how smart I was!  But to get there, I should probably stop writing this post and actually do something.

Mmkay.  Bye.

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