Vision Board Update – 2014

This board took forever to redo.  It’s been that way every time, so it’s not really a surprise.  But I’m happy to finally have it together and off of my dining room table.

Ain’t it pretty??

So let’s recap because this isn’t my first board.  Hence the word “update” in the title.  Duh.

This was my first one that was created in 2008.  You can read about it here.

In 2012, I updated it and apparently I had a lot more ideas of what I wanted in my future.  You can read about this one here.  I also posted an update about this same board shortly before we moved to Hawaii.  And then I referenced it once again in this post.

I’ve always kept my board out and in view, but it kind of just floats around the house.  When we moved into our current home, I decided that my bathroom would be a fantastic place to display all of my dreams.  I originally thought about finding some sort of floating frame that I could easily flip around, but I had a hard time finding something the right size.

But then I found an old framed picture that hung in my kitchen in Georgia.  It isn’t pretty but it is big. So I decided to go from a two-sided vision board to a bigger one-sided version.  And then all I had to do was spray paint the frame white.

And that process only took me about six months.  I’m rarely in a rush to do anything. 😉

So let’s take another look at my new board.

I used some of the same pieces from the last one, but I also added and deleted many.  My last board had a lot to do with acceptance of myself.  I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered that, but I’ve come a long way.  I know that I’m no better or worse than anyone else, and anything I want to be is possible.  But I just have to push past the fear of failing, be consistent in my hard work, and always focus on the end goal.  And that end goal is really that I want to be a positive influence to a large group of people.  I want to reach the masses in some way.  I feel like I have the power to help other women who are in the same position I was for many years: lost, confused about my purpose, and angry at myself for not enjoying my very normal and “good” life.

I haven’t found the exact way I’m going to execute my goal.  And sometimes that’s frustrating.  But I have hope that the right opportunity is going to come along.  And I’ll be ready!

I also have a dream that J and I will work together somehow.  We enjoy spending time together, and I feel like our connection could be really powerful in some sort of family business.  But without a clear direction or passion, that feels very elusive at this point.  So right now, I’m just putting it out to the Universe that it’s something I want.

Another theme of the board is that I’d like to see the world.  I want to travel and experience (nearly) every corner of this beautiful planet.  But ultimately, I’d love to find a “home”.  Hawaii is almost it.  The mountains and the ocean go a long way to fulfilling my every fantasy.  But we’re so far from everyone we know.  And I do miss the seasons, although I could do without snow.  And the idea that we all have to purchase plane tickets to go anywhere isn’t necessarily what I want forever.  But for now it’s an amazing experience, and I’m certainly not ready to leave.  But when we do find that “home”, I want to have a deep connection to the community.  I am slowly building that here, and every time I see my children making new friends, I could cry joyous tears.

Most of the items on the board are self-explanatory.  I feel like most of my dreams have already come true, so it was a bit harder this time.  I included nothing on there about being a certain size or accomplishing physical feats, because I don’t need outside help for that.  I don’t need anymore opportunities to be the best physical version of myself I can be.  I have all of the education and ability I need to be the badass I picture in my head.  And for that, I’m thankful.

So here is my beautiful new vision board in its new home – every time I’m getting ready, I’ll be reminded of everything I’m working toward in life!

I have no idea why I look so red in this picture – just ignore that.  If you have any questions about starting your own vision board, please let me know!


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