Just Keep Running

I have mixed feelings about the past week.  On the one hand, we killed our runs!  On the other, my food wasn’t spectacular, I barely consumed any water, and we did zero weight lifting.  Plus, I have this feeling that we need to start cramming in adventures left and right before we lose our chance to get them done.  And we haven’t been so great about that. But let me just get into the recap…

Monday: This was the only day out of this week that I even attempted to log my food, and I only made it through lunch.  Better than nothing.  It was our rest day, but we did walk 3 miles.

Tuesday: We got dressed for our walk and run and realized we were matching.  We’re exactly the kind of nerds who find enjoyment in this sort of thing, so we didn’t change.  For our 3 mile walk, we went down to the water and checked out the wave action.  It was still going strong.


Then we came home, relaxed for a bit, and headed out for our day’s 3 mile run.  And as you can see by the times, we are steadily getting faster.


Obviously the day is coming where I simply can’t run faster.  I know that. But I’m enjoying the progress each week!

Wednesday: We woke up extra early to bust out our 2 mile run.  We were mostly able to keep the previous night’s pace and completed it in 20:59.  Then we all went out to our local lagoon to meet up with our homeschooling group.  One of the moms started a little keiki (& parent) running club and it was our first meeting.  We started with some stretching, did a few drills, and then we ran relays around a big path.  It was a lot of fun!  I also realized that these kids are all way faster than me!

IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2754 IMG_2755 IMG_2757

It was a good time. I’m excited about our next meet up!

Thursday: We were supposed to run 4 miles this day, but we decided to be lazy and switch it to Friday.  We did walk 3 miles though.

Friday: After waiting a freaking eternity, my order came in from Customized Girl!  Two of my local friends purchased one, and then I also got a pink one to add to my collection.  Yay!


So of course I had to wear mine for the day’s run. (And my legs look fantastic in this picture.)


Speaking of which, we were definitely regretting putting off that run.  The first half absolutely sucked, but I give huge props to my favorite guy for changing up the route a bit.  We ran all the way down to the beach (versus the closer rocky area we normally visit) and circled back.  It gave us an incredible breeze, and the scenery was so pretty that I had to briefly stop and take this shot of my man doing his thing.


When he realized I wasn’t with him, he turned around and searched for me like I might have been taken or something.  It was hilarious.  But nope, I was just taking a picture!  Nobody kidnapped me.

So anyway, the second half of the run went a lot more smoothly, and I finally felt warmed up.  We ended up averaging an 11:27 pace which isn’t all that bad.  Compared to a year ago, that is actually quite incredible.

And truly, I was just incredibly proud of us for getting out and running.  It showed a lot of dedication to our training schedule, and that gives me hope for the next 17 weeks!

Saturday: The things people make here are absolutely phenomenal, so I was super excited to hit the Made in Hawai’i Festival.  It ended up being quite the pain in the ass between highway construction work and waiting in the monstrous line for parking, but we finally made it in the building after leaving our house about 2 hours prior.  Oh, and did I mention the cost?  $25 for our family for admission plus another $6 for parking.  That’s insane.


But anyway, we walked around for three hours and because there was a TON of food samples, the kids didn’t hate every minute of it.  I grabbed some business cards for future gift ideas (many of the vendors sell on Etsy), but we also picked up a few great items!

We had seen this French artist at another craft fair, but the prices were expensive and I got overwhelmed by all of the choices.  But this time, I immediately fell in love with the hat which made me look at the pareos (coverup/wrap/skirt) she had available.  I ended up choosing this one, and I cannot wait to wear it to the beach.  I will definitely update with a picture!


It’s going to take some extra confidence on my part to wear this hat, but I really think I love it on me!


We also picked up a few prints to add to my gallery wall.  The first is obviously two sea turtles, and it may be hard to tell, but the second is a shot of the mountains with the waterfalls we often see after a good rain.  You can see more work like the latter here.


I thought it was so awesome that one of the artists wanted to take a picture with us.  You can see more of his work here.


We also picked up some food too. The chickpeas taste exactly like fruit loops.


So after the festival, we headed home and got ready to run our SIX miles.  In the dark.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but there are tons of round nuts all over the sidewalks, and I just know I’m going to fall and bust my face one of these days.  Thankfully, I made it through the run unscathed.

But after struggling through the four miles on Friday, I was actually pretty nervous.  We decided to start out slowly in an effort to warm our bodies up.  But somehow we didn’t actually follow through on that because we were just ready to get it done.  We stayed pretty consistent throughout the run, and I even had a minor eye contact crisis without breaking my speed.  (It folded up in my eye but then resolved itself thankfully!)


I mentioned this on FB, but I’m absolutely in awe that I’m running at this speed.  I was training between 12:45 and 13:20 for our half marathon last year, and I was perfectly fine with that pace.  The crazy thing is that this speed feels the same for my body – I’ve just gotten used to it.  And for that, I’m totally thankful!

However, both J and I are feeling these longer runs in our knees.  It’s been a solid 15 months since we’ve run longer than 5 miles, so I’m guessing the discomfort is only going to get worse as we go on.  But I’m hopeful that I’m wrong and our body will keep adapting to the extra work.  In case we were unsure, we’re definitely not getting any younger!

Sunday: Other than an easy 3 mile run (average pace 11:46), we seriously sat on our asses and played Harry Potter on the PS3 all day.  That’s not normal for us – J hasn’t been a video game guy in years, but it was a nice change of pace.  And the game is a lot of fun!


And that was our week.  We had planned a hike for yesterday, but we stayed up too late and just didn’t get up in time to get motivated and out the door.  We’re hoping to get it done this week though, and my body needs it!  I notice my mind start to get a teensy bit crazy when I don’t get out in nature for a while.

I feel very torn about the food situation, but I have GOT to keep track of what I’m putting into my mouth.  My weight isn’t moving, and that’s frustrating me.  We ran 18 miles this past week and walked 9 miles, so the activity is good.  I don’t know.  I’ll figure it out, but I do know for sure that this week’s weight lifting will be better.  And I am also vowing to drink more water.  (I am such a broken record!)

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Hope your week was a good one and that this coming one is even better!

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