Super Views & Sore Legs

Another good week in the books.  We even stepped up our game finally and got in not one, but TWO weight lifting workouts.  Of course we were going for three, but progress is progress.

So let’s get to the recap…

Monday: It was our rest day, so we got in a 3 mile walk.  And we lifted weights.

Tuesday: I ran the fastest three miles of my life.  Big deal.  Huge!


FYI, the reason it’s always 3.05 miles is because the first time we did it, we ended just before our house and kept running to our front door.  Now, I keep at that for the sake of comparison. :)

Wednesday: We ran 2 miles, and we nearly kept our average pace from the day before – it was 9:35/mile.  We also got in our second day of weight lifting.

Thursday: I had a great mini session with one of my favorite little models.  Sessions like these remind me how much I do enjoy photography.  I’m best when I can just focus on ONE subject.  Of course that doesn’t really work with families. 😉

IMG_2888 IMG_2852 IMG_2906

After the session, I came home and we ran 4 miles before dinner.  We weren’t quite as fast as the two days prior, but I was pretty impressed with our 10:40 pace.

Friday: After weeks of nothing, we finally set out on an adventure.  We hiked 5 miles on the windward (east) side of the island along a mountain ridge.  It ended up taking us 5 hours, and I’m still sore three days later.  But the views were incredible. (I’ll update with the link to more pictures when I get the blog post done over on The Wandering Five.)

IMG_2842 IMG_2833

Just looking at those pictures again gives me a sense of peace.  Dammit I love being out there in nature.

We finished off our hike with a quick trip to McDonald’s.  I got a large root beer, a small fry, and a hot fudge sundae.  Thankfully, that was only about half of the calories I burned while hiking.  But I’m thinking that might have a little something to do with my lack of weight loss. 😉

Saturday: We all woke up sore.  So sore.  And we had 7 miles on the docket.  But first, Target had a 30% off sale going on for kids’ apparel, so Audra and I went on a little mommy/daughter date.  It’s not like she really needs any back-to-school clothes since she’s homeschooled, but she is growing out of most of her current wardrobe.


We both got dressed up, and Audra is rocking our new tote in the above picture.  So fun.

She got some adorable outfits, but I didn’t take any pictures.  (So sorry.)  I also grabbed some new things for the boys, but of course they couldn’t care less.

We ended up hitting the new Pier 1 after Target, and we spent hours planning her new bedroom decor.  We still don’t know if we’re going to move when our lease is up.  We are really interested in buying, but we just haven’t found something we want.  We’ll see. :)  We love our current house, so if buying doesn’t work out, that’s okay.

Audra and I ended up being gone for about 6 hours, so J and I decided to push our long run to the next day.

Sunday: We were pretty lazy all day until we just couldn’t put off our run any longer.  We were both dreading it.  But it’s so dumb, because we do just fine once we’re out there!  And we know that.  But we keep forgetting.

We started out slowly, but each mile got a little better than the last.  Mile 4 was our fastest at 10:11, but overall I’m really happy with our pace.


Running at night has quickly become our thing.  The streets are so well lit here that that there are only a few spots where I fear tripping over an uneven bit of sidewalk or a fallen nut.  But the lack of gnats and hot sun are a big draw.  The weird thing though is that the wind dies down after it becomes dark.  And that part kind of sucks.

However, we really should get our butts up and out the door early in the morning.  It makes the most sense as it sets up our day nicely.  But it just isn’t happening.

Overall, our fourth week of marathon training was fantastic.  I’m still really missing our walks though.  I want to figure out a way to incorporate both our runs and walks in our days, but our schedule just isn’t allowing it right now.  So for this week, we walked 3 miles, hiked 5, and ran 16.  Not too bad, but I also think our monthly total is going to be much lower than July’s.

I did a much better job on my water intake during the past seven days, but I’d like to improve even more.  And once again, my goal is to track my food this week.  That hasn’t panned out yet, so I’m not too hopeful.  But I have logged my breakfast for today, so that’s a start!  I don’t plan to restrict at all, because I’ve been feeling really fantastic with my current calorie intake and amount of exercising.  I’m just curious to see where I’m at.  Am I eating as much as I’m burning? Is that why I’m not losing any weight?  It probably is.  But at the same time, I don’t want to eat less and suffer from that because I’m busting my ass.  The last time I worked out almost this hard (in 2011), I was eating 1200 calories a day.  And yes, I was losing weight, but I was also blacking out each time I stood up too quickly.  That’s not an option at all.

So we’ll see what’s happening.  It could be that I’m eating the right amount of calories, but too many of the wrong kinds of foods. I’ve gotta be honest with you, I haven’t been mingling with the veggies too much lately.  Fruit? Fo sho.  But the veggies haven’t been feeling the love.  Gotta work on that.

Okay, that’s all I have.  We seriously spent a good portion of our free time this week playing a damn Harry Potter LEGO game on the PS3.  It was so much fun, and we loved being immersed in something totally pointless for a bit.  But then we beat the game.  (Don’t you worry – we have two more games coming from Amazon.)

This is my last week before my fall semester of college starts up.  I better live it up! Hope you all have had a fantastic summer. I know I have!