11 Is the New 13

Low energy.  That’s how I’d characterize the last week.  But we still got ‘er done, so I’m calling it an overall win.

I finally got my shit together and started logging my food.  That of course means that I ate less than in previous weeks, because you just do when you’re recording every bit of food that goes in your mouth.  So of course I had to wonder if my decreased calories was the cause of the low energy.  But when I realized J was having the same issue, I decided it was just an off week.  It makes sense that a month of marathon training (when we weren’t even remotely used to it) would wear us down. Right?  Right.

Monday: Rest day! I logged my food, and we walked 3 miles.  And we forgot to lift weights. (You’ll notice that becomes a trend throughout the week.


Tuesday:  Our large homeschooling group (we are members of a few) organized a PE day for the kids.  J and I volunteered to lead a tag type of game, and the different age groups rotated through our station. It was so much fun to see the participation level vary with each age.  We determined that the 4-5 year olds were the most fun.


And it doesn’t matter that it’s been a year of wearing shorts in public, I’m still in awe every time I see a picture of myself.  How far I’ve come!  And I’m just as excited that I’m finally comfortable and confident enough to volunteer to help with an event.  You may see leading a group of kids as no big thaaang.  But to me, it really is.  (And having J there as a security blanket is always nice.)

The kids had a great time playing games with all of the other kids, so I’m definitely looking forward to the next PE event.  I’m so grateful for the homeschooling community on this island.  And I’m doubly grateful that I was able to find it! Facebook may have its faults, but it’s connected our family in a way I never thought possible.

It was also fun to wear my new HNIT shirt to the PE day as well!


In the evening, we walked 3 miles and then ran another 4 at a 10:28 average pace.  I wanted to run faster, but I just had nothing left to give.  The day had been super active, I had logged my food (1700 calories), and my body was just drained.


And we forgot to lift weights.  Again.

Wednesday: It was my one year surgiversary!  I had an early(ish) appointment to get my hair colored.  The gray is growing in with a fury, and it’s not even a pretty sprinkling.  It comes in patches.  When I can’t find a way to part my hair that doesn’t scream “You’re freaking old!”, it’s time to visit the salon.  So I did.

I’m gorgeous and I know it.


Ah, much better.  Too bad that blow out cost me $100.  Next time, I’ll leave the salon looking like a drowned rat.


That night we went out and ran our 2.5 miler.  It should have been the distance that I rocked.  But I didn’t.  I was even slower than the night before at an average pace of 10:43, and I beat myself up over it during the entire run.  I knew J would be frustrated with me because I just kept getting slower.  And slower.  But I had nothing in me.  But I don’t like disappointing him.

Thankfully, he’s an amazing husband and he understands that I can’t be a badass every day.  He also walks that fine line of trying to push me while also respecting my need to listen to my body.  And I think at this point, he knows that I will beast through a run if I want to.  And if I don’t, I won’t. 😉

And as a repeat of the previous two days, I logged my food. And didn’t lift weights.

Thursday: In anticipation of her 9th birthday, I helped Audra make her own cake.  She loves to bake, so it was no surprise that she wanted to be in charge of her own.  (But we couldn’t actually frost it until Saturday, so into the fridge it went.)


J and I were supposed to run 4 miles, but we both agreed that we needed a rest day.  It made me feel a lot better to see that he was also struggling with low energy.  He isn’t watching his food intake at all, so I’m thinking it’s just the consistent training.  It’s building us up for better and faster runs, but it’s also wearing us down.

So instead of running, we took another walk down to the water.  We also made some new friends in the process.  They’re our parents age, but their daughter lives in the area and her children are similarly aged to ours.  I love our neighborhood – we are constantly meeting new people!


And like a broken record, I logged my food and didn’t lift weights!

Friday:  For Audra’s birthday, she wanted to go to a local family fun center.  It turned out that our homeschooling group was holding a fundraising function there, so that worked out perfectly!  The kids had an amazing time, and I captured my favorite (to-date) snapshot of my three favorite littles.


They’re growing up so quickly, and I feel absolutely honored that I get to witness it.

Later that evening, we took a little walk to warm us up for that run that we still didn’t want to do.  But it did help, and we were able to really make some magic happen.  I personally am really proud of those split times.


I busted my ass in the last mile to get my average pace down to 10:00.  As I kept watching the number go down and down, I was mentally cheering myself on.  It worked.

And yep, still forgot to lift weights.  But I did log my food.

Saturday: My girl turned 9!  We started off with glazed donuts and chocolate milk.  We each only had two (we’ve learned our lesson about buying more than that), but we remembered quickly why those things aren’t allowed in our house very often.  Our digestive systems are not big fans.

Then it was time to open presents.  And if you think she was getting out of her nightgown for that, you’re wrong.  She fits right into this family.


After gifts, she was super excited to finish her cake.  She’s currently obsessed with Minecraft, so her cake was modeled after the one in the game.  For her first time icing a cake by herself, I think she did a pretty fantastic job.  (And more importantly, SHE thought she did a great job.)


But I have to say, the best moment was when she explained her favorite part of the experience.  She told me she didn’t care if she was icing a rock, she would still love it because she was doing it with me.  (I actually just sat at the island and watched.)  Oh, this girl. Go ahead and make me cry.

A bit later, our friends came by to celebrate the day with us. (I may have mentioned this before, but Sis’s BFF is on the mainland for a few months, so her birthday sleepover is postponed until her return!)  She decided to finally get dressed for the occasion.  This is one of her new outfits from last weekend’s little shopping spree.


Anyway, the kids had a great time playing together and the adults chatted endlessly.

And I just had to share one of the gifts Audra got from them.

IMG_2073 IMG_2076

Fantastic, yeah?

After eating our chili dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.  Technically, it was for the second time because we had eaten the cake scraps after lunch. (With the leftover icing of course.)


Our friends left, and we went out and walked 3 miles to finish off the day.  (We decided to push our 6-miler to the next day.)


I actually didn’t log my food on Saturday at all, but I didn’t go overboard either.  And you guessed it, no weight lifting.

Sunday: We had big plans to launch a (kit) rocket with the kids, drag out the Halloween decorations, help Audra make cake pops with her Nana (via FaceTime), and then go on our 6 mile run.  Well, some of that happened, but mostly we sat on our asses and played on the PS3. (Man, those Harry Potter Lego games are addicting!)  It was nice though.  And today’s a holiday, so we’ll get the rest done.

Audra did make her cake pops though, and I ate way more of the candy melts than I should have.  When will I learn?!  The good news is that I can’t even look at one of those cake pops today without wanting to throw up.

We also had leftover chili for both lunch and dinner.  Yum.

Before our run, we took another warm-up walk.  J really heard me while reading my last blog post, and he’s been making a huge effort to get out and do our walks.  They are completely separate from our runs, and I don’t walk for the exercise.  I walk for the fresh air and the conversation.  It has completely revolutionized my life – I really believe that.  When I’m having a bad day, the walk nearly always lifts me up.  So anyway, I’m really grateful that he is willing to get out there, even if it means we end up moving a total of 9 miles on a Sunday.

After our walk, we both felt semi-pumped for our run.  I was nervous about eating the candy melts, because I was scared that my stomach would give me trouble during the run.  I don’t want to get too graphic, but I struggle with the long runs for pretty much that reason alone.  I have been doing some research on ways to ease that, but I’m pretty sure eating 72 servings of fat and sugar is high on the AVOID list.  I suck.

Anyway, we busted out the 6 miles without much excitement.  Our average pace was respectable at 10:55.  I really felt no need to go faster, and we stayed fairly consistent.  I realized that after only 5 weeks of training, running at 11 min/mile feels the same as it used to feel at 13 min/mile.  It’s easy – I can talk and I don’t feel taxed.  I like that a lot.  And while I love pushing myself in the shorter runs, I feel good about running comfortably for these longer distances.  And that may change from week to week, but that’s okay too.  What I know for sure after this week is that there is no need to ever feel disappointed in a certain pace.  We are out there and we are moving, and we have a LOT to be proud of.  I mean, we covered 124 miles during August.  That’s incredible!


I didn’t log my food for Sunday, and once again, we skipped the weights.  Thankfully, today starts a new week.

I’m still struggling with this need to both lose weight and also make progress on my running.  And while those may be conflicting goals, I feel like I can make them work.  But the key is making sure the calories I do take in aren’t empty ones.  I consistently ate at least 1500 calories each day in the past week, so I’m definitely not restricting.  But I’m also not eating a shitload of candy (bar Sunday) or drinking 3 glasses of wine.

However, I can’t deny that my energy was lower.  While I really do think it was related to my body just being worn down, I will continue to monitor things.  J and I talk constantly about how we’re feeling, and I’m interested to see how things evolve over the next 15 weeks.

It’s definitely going to be an interesting experience!


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