Drink Up!

This is gonna be a DUH post. But one of the most important, yet most difficult things for me to master in my own journey has been….water. Yeah, water.


Four and a half years of ups and downs with exercising and eating right – you’d think the one thing I could handle was hydrating properly. But for some reason, I don’t feel the need to consume multiple cups of water. Coffee? Sure. Wine? You betcha.  But water? No thanks, ma’am, I’m good.

I’ve seen those side by side comparisons – ya know, the ones where the person looks 97 years old in the ‘before’ picture and then after drinking 472 glasses of water per day, she’s back in her prime? I think, “I should do that!” But I don’t. I’ve tried apps on my phone. I’ve tried logging it along with my exercise in Fitbit. I’ve tried following the Facebook pages that yell “WATERBOMB” to me every 5 minutes. I’ve tried promising myself that I’ll have a full glass of water before I eat or drink anything else.  And it all works. For a day. Maybe two if I’m lucky.

I’m really good at that consistency thing. Like, super good.

I haven’t given up. I do actually realize that water is important. I’m just one of those people that’s never been a heavy drinker. A drinker of any kind I should say. I remember my mom looking at me like I had two heads when I didn’t want anything to drink with my dinner. Because really, that’s not normal.

It wouldn’t be so bad except my body retains water like nobody’s business. My fingers swell after every walk.  I blow up like a balloon if I even look at a salt shaker.  There are nights when I go to bed looking like I’m six months pregnant.  I know that’s a byproduct of not only bad food choices, but also the lack of water consumption.

So I’m wondering: how have you overcome this? I’ve made incredible strides, and I know this is important. But I haven’t found the right way to create a healthy drinking habit. I like the taste of regular water just fine – I just don’t know how to remind myself (long-term) to driiiiiink! Help me!

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