On My Mind

So here are the things on my mind…

★ I am running a marathon – a freaking marathon – in 39 days. And after proving to myself that I can indeed run 18 miles, I feel more confident than ever that it’s within my reach.  It’s funny to think that just a few months ago, I had a hard time running longer than 2 minutes at a time. Our bodies are incredible and training plans work wonders! The only downsides are that I feel like my entire life revolves around running and I’m hungry all.the.time.

 Politics and elections turn me into a crazy person. The “hide” button on Facebook has become my very favorite online tool! 😉

★ This whole Obama – SAHM thing is reminding me that people don’t use their critical thinking skills the way they should. Our president would never imply that parents shouldn’t stay home with their children if that’s what fulfills them. However, no one should HAVE to make that choice simply because the available daycare/preschool options are either unaffordable or less than desirable (or both).  Can’t we all agree on that?

★ I’m wrapping up my last week of school for this semester! Two months of freedom before the next one starts. I totally love these accelerated classes. Halfway done with my bachelor’s degree, baby!

★ I’m rocking this health thing if you just ignore the fact that I’m eating like shit. But the water, the strength training, and the walking & running are going so well!

★ I’ve been struggling a bit today with a feeling of frustration. I’ve learned to love myself fully – even with all of my faults. But the one thing I can’t get past is my inconsistency. I have such big dreams in life, but dammit…they’re never going to work out if I can’t be consistent.  My posts on this blog are coming fewer and farther between because I don’t know what to post. Everything needs to perfect or it shouldn’t be done at all. That’s why I’m writing this pointless post now. Sometimes it’s good just to dump my thoughts. I’ll figure this out – I will. But sometimes I just frustrate myself.

★ I’m engaged in a pretty passionate love affair with Pinterest these days.  Between the holidays, recipes, and planning for our new house, I spend lots of time on there. Follow me!

★ I’m thinking about starting a photo-a-day thing on Instagram. It could be fun, but as I mentioned above, I struggle with consistency. If you’re not following me on there, you really should. I don’t post much on my HNIT page – there’s more on Instagram.

★ I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made here in Hawaii. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be surrounded by so many strong and like-minded women (and families). We had nearly 30 people over on Halloween, and we all had such an amazing time. (More on that in my next weekly update post which I totally need to write.)

★ I need a new show to binge watch on Netflix. It’s been a minute since I’ve been totally obsessed with one. And we all need that in our lives, yes?

That’s all. Thanks for reading. :)

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