A Margarita Moment

A week ago, I said I was going back to basics. I told myself that I needed to channel that determined girl who busted ass and lost 116 pounds in just over a year. I waited 7 days into living this new (old) plan to tell you all about it because I needed to be sure that this change was real. I get pumped up and motivated all the time, but I usually fall flat on my face within 3 days.  Admitting your failures is good for the soul, but damn, it sure does get old!

So here we are, a full two weeks since I gave my healthy living journey a jump start. And I have such great news for you. It’s working! I debated on how to handle these new weekly updates, but I decided not to go day-by-day. My life is just too boring for that. And simplifying everything means my days look pretty damn similar. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give you the highlights!

My Fitbit app says I’ve taken 93k steps in the last seven days. That’s over 13k steps per day! I only had one day where I didn’t meet my 10k goal, and that was yesterday. But we did lift weights, so it wasn’t an ‘inactive’ day.

We ran 3 miles three times this week – and we’re getting faster each time! Today, we ran at a 10:12/mile pace. My knees are giving me trouble lately, and that worries me a bit. But I’ll keep an eye on ’em – hopefully they’re just still recovering from the marathon and all its training.

We walked daily, missing only yesterday, for a total of about 17.5 miles. I’m so grateful that J is willing to walk with me even on our run days. Now that winter is here, the wind often blows nicely and the temperatures are generally lower. It doesn’t feel so stifling so we can get in both our run and walk before it gets dark.

We lifted weights five times – meaning we didn’t miss any of our scheduled days! Like I mentioned before, knowing that we only have to invest 20-30 minutes is SO helpful. Essentially, we’re getting in two whole-body workouts per week. We’re just breaking each one into thirds. It may not be the most effective, but that’s irrelevant. It means we DO it, and that’s the key. And I want to give huge props to J because it’s usually him that initiates our lifting sessions. Since starting our marathon training, we are experiencing a level of teamwork that I’ve just never felt before. I’m incredibly thankful for it!

Now let’s talk food. It’s the real issue, right? I could get all of the above just right, but if I screw up my food, then I’m simply treading water. My diet has been pretty much perfect. I ate a few hundred over my ‘budgeted’ 1600 on Monday, because I was listening to my body’s needs. The previous day’s monster hike had left me feeling hungrier than normal. Nothing wrong with that, and I made really good choices. Two days during the week, I actually only consumed 1500 calories simply because I ate my meals and snacks, and that’s the number I ended up with. Aside from that, I hit my daily allotment. Except for yesterday. Uh oh, right? Nope. Ironically, I’m most proud of yesterday!

A good friend invited our family out to her birthday dinner celebration at a local pub. (It’s kid-friendly until 8pm.) Obviously, pubs aren’t really known for their high quality/clean-eating menus.  I knew that my choices were going to be limited to fried goods.  And while I find those as delicious as the next guy, I’m really trying hard to limit what I eat. It’s not a rule even – it’s just that I find when I eat something “bad” or junky, I start to crave it. All the damn time. That goes for chocolate, sodas, french fries, etc. Whatever it is. If I just abstain altogether, I don’t even want it. But that one bite sets something off in my head. Make sense? I know I’m not alone here.

But the good news is that my friend quickly let us all know that she’d seen others bring in outside food because it’s sort of an indoor/outdoor laid-back place. So immediately, I decided we’d bring some healthier snacks and just eat dinner when we got home. Problem solved. That only left the choice of whether or not to have any alcohol. It certainly wasn’t a must have, but J and I have recently decided to only drink when we are with friends. I’m pretty sure that my newfound love of wine was what helped me gain 25 pounds in the first six months of living here. It’s completely unnecessary, and I’ve decided I don’t want to keep it in the house regularly.  So yep, in the end, I had myself a margarita. And a second one, although I barely drank any of that.


And ya know, the chicken strips, jalapeño poppers and french fries that others ordered smelled soooo good. And at any time in the past 4ish years, I would have made a different choice. I would have just had the fried shit because my calorie budget would already be shot for the day. Who knows how many calories are in a margarita. But not this time. I pulled out my pistachios, apple sauce, and Pop Chips and I had myself a little snack. And I offered them up to my Whole30-abiding friends as well. (Well, not the Pop Chips. Those aren’t approved.)

This sounds so silly. I really know that. But having the self-control to say, “It’s not worth it!” is so freaking huge. That’s where I got off-track somehow. I used to recognize that I could go out to eat and splurge just a little bit. I used to know that I didn’t have to throw in the towel completely and order a gigantic appetizer, 2000 calorie meal, and dessert to top it off. Oh, and a foo-foo drink just to really round it out. What happened? I don’t know. But last night, I remembered. I remembered that my experience wasn’t hindered because I made a healthy choice. I didn’t feel left out. I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing. I felt like I was in control of myself. And that tastes so much better than those damn french fries. I just know it.

We had a great time with all of our friends, and we came home and made dinner. It was Sesame Chicken Salad, and I’m not quite sure how “healthy” it is. (It’s from The Pioneer Woman.) But that’s not the point. We attended a fantastic birthday celebration, and then we came home and cooked. That’s huge. So I’m calling it an absolute win.

And I want to take a minute to give a huge shout out to my friends E & OB who stuck to their Whole30 diet! They brought their own snacks, and they skipped the alcohol altogether. Great job, guys! One week left!

Sorry that I just spent half the post talking about that. But it’s a big deal, right? You get it, I know you do.

In other news, we went whale watching this week!

DSC02689e DSC02740

Why no pictures of any whales? Well, I got none. Totally bummed about it, but they were just too far away. We did get to see some at least though. I’m pretty sure we’ll try again.

And the second to last thing I have for you…

Our kids decided that they want to complete a half-marathon with us! We had no intentions of doing it this year, but we got a great deal on our entries and we just couldn’t pass it up.


We’re going to work with them on running, but I expect that we’ll walk most of it. And if you’re wondering if they’re ready for that sort of thing, no worries. They hiked 8 miles up and down a mountain a week ago. 13 miles on relatively flat land? That should be nothing! I just think it’s awesome that they want to do it.

J took them on a quick one-miler this past week, and let’s just say….their running skills can only improve from here!


So the very last thing…pounds lost. I can’t help but step on my scale daily. It’s one of those things that I know makes some people crazy. But I love it, and I doubt I’ll ever stop. So what did I lose in the past week? Just about a pound, like I predicted. It fell off fast, and I thought it might end up being more. But the last few days have been pretty stagnant for me. And that’s when you know your mind is in the right place. When you don’t freak out over fluctuations – that means you are trusting the process.  And I am. I’m burning, on average, about 2100 calories per day. And I’m eating, on average, about 1600 calories a day. That means I’m working on a calorie deficit, and a healthy one at that. On top of that, I’m building muscle. So I just have to be patient. I may not see the changes immediately, but I’ll start to feel them in the way my clothing fits.

I’m super excited about this. Now it’s time to get some sleep. My new habit is going to bed early and rising early. I’m loving it! Thanks for following along on my journey!

Oh, I just realized! It’s officially been FIVE years since I had my last cigarette. Wow! Go me! Now for real, night!


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