I Like to Log It, Log It

Whew! That was a quick and busy two weeks! And the news I have to report to you is somewhat odd. So we’ll just jump into it.

We got the keys to our new house finally! We are homeowners again after nine years!



Yay! But now let’s get the bad parts of this post out of the way. No weight lifting. Not one single session of it in two weeks. That kinda sucks. And no running. Double suck. And come to think of it, very little walking. We went on seven walks in the past two weeks for a total of 15 miles. Ick. And my food? Well, Fast Food has pretty much been my middle name lately.

But you know what I have been doing right? Packing up and moving an entire house, unpacking totes, ripping up carpet, painting walls, and installing hardwood flooring. So….it’s not like I’ve been sitting around on my ass. And I gotta be honest with you: I feel pretty effing fantastic about the whole thing. And although my diet has been shit, I’ve been logging it all. Every morsel. Even on the days where I ate 300 calories more than I burned. I did skip one day, but it was exactly two weeks ago. So I’ve been pretty consistent since then.

That right there is a huge victory. Just the simple act of logging my diet has helped reign me in. You may wonder how that’s possible since I’ve been overindulging on fast food daily. And you’d be right to assume that I haven’t made all good choices. But when I know I have to be accountable for those calories, I choose a small fry instead of a large. Or I get a cheeseburger instead of a Big Mac. Or I settle on sharing a medium soda with J instead of getting two larges. And those Girl Scout cookies that just arrived? Well, I don’t sit and demolish an entire box for an afternoon snack. In fact, we’ve divided those out between the family. So we started a chart, and we mark down our cookie intake each time. Sounds crazy, but it works. That way I won’t binge because those cookies aren’t all mine to eat.

So how are the numbers looking? Well, you know I have them for you. (What the hell did I do before this Fitbit?!) The numbers for the two individual weeks are fairly similar, so I’m going to lump them all together for the most part. My total step count each week was 85k and then 80k. Quite a big drop. My average daily steps was 11.8k. Certainly not great, but considering I barely walked, I’ll take it. I had two days where I just barely missed my step goal.

As far as calories burned vs. calories consumed, they were pretty damn close. I burned an average of 2203 calories/day, and I ate roughly 2103/day. Yes, even with fast food and cookies and wine. And you know what that means? I think I just realized that maintenance is actually possible for me. I don’t have to be in a state of gaining or losing. I can count my calories and maintain! That’s a huge revelation, and it makes me very optimistic about my future. I cannot spend the rest of my life yo-yoing.

The funny thing is that I barely reached 2200 calories burnt in the weeks prior when I was walking, lifting AND running. I was just so sedentary otherwise. Now I’m reaching that with basically no exercise. I’m just moving constantly around the house.  It’s crazy!

Anyway, based on my numbers, you’d think I would be down about half a pound. I intended to strive for maintenance during this moving period. But in all actuality, I’m down four pounds. FOUR pounds. And that’s just weird. I thought maybe my scale got jacked up, but J is registering correctly. So….I dunno. I do worry that I’m losing muscle tone. But damn, I’m working my muscles!

I carried in 17 of these flooring boxes! And they were 25+ pounds each!


And I helped rip out this carpet…


And paint this room…


So my fingers are crossed that I’m not losing muscle tone. But I did tell J that I want to pick up our weight lifting again today. It’s time. We’re still working our butts off, but we aren’t doing a ton of heavy lifting now. Just moving around constantly with the painting and the flooring.

I think the loss is because I gained the two weeks prior, and maybe my body is burning more than Fitbit realizes. I can tell my metabolism is in overdrive because I feel ravenous constantly. It’s just time now to get back to making good choices. I let myself have fun. And eating extra calories is totally fine because I’m moving more than normal. But it’s time to stop with the junk again.

I proved to myself that I could get through a major life event without giving up all of the progress I’ve made. Even when I didn’t feel I could perfectly gauge my calories, I estimated the best I could. And that’s okay! Perfection isn’t necessary if you just keep working at it. But I noticed that I still had to eat mindfully. Even if I was eating junk, I still had to pay attention to what I was ingesting so I could log it.

I really can’t tell you how big this is.  Since letting go of the idea that calorie counting is an unhealthy & obsessive habit, I feel transformed. Because calorie counting is NOT the same thing as restricting. It’s about being mindful. That’s it! Man, I’m a slow learner.

Lastly, here is my February mileage picture. It’s not impressive, but it’s real. And look, it’s my alley! The kids are enjoying riding their bikes back there, so it’s our new hangout spot. J and I grab a beer/glass of wine, and we try to destress for a bit. This whole DIY thing is intense!


If you’d like to keep up with our house progress, check out my Instagram account or Twitter (both are @nicolehnit). I’m doing a photo a day challenge and I’m still going 60 days in! :)

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