A Moment of Leisure

Ahhh. It’s been a nice and carefree two weeks. I don’t even have that much to tell you, but that’s probably not a bad thing. My last two posts have been monsters between recapping the month of March and then my 5 Year Journey. Whew.

So let’s keep this short and sweet.

I think I’ve done a great job of balancing relaxation with responsibility and awareness. I’ve been moving daily and tracking my food intake religiously. I haven’t however, been consistent with my weight lifting. And my calorie consumption hasn’t been at a level low enough to lose weight. But I’ve eaten less than I’ve burned, and I lifted weights more times (3) than I did in March. So you know what? That’s what I like to call a win.

The numbers:

Week 1 (3/30-4/5)
73,578 steps = 10.5k/day
14,611 calories burned = 2087/day
13543 calories eaten = 1935/day

Week 2 (4/6-4/12)
105,193 steps = 15k/day (woo doggie!)
14,471 calories burned = 2067/day
13,105 calories eaten = 1872/day

As you’ll notice, my calories burned per day has dropped dramatically over the last few months. Why, you ask? Well, because I’ve been a total lazy ass. My behind has been planted on my couch unless I’m making an effort to move. It’s funny how that works, right? I’m loving being able to see this stuff! To some, it might seem like a bit of craziness to be poring over these numbers. To me? It’s a huge explanation of how my body works!

I took a walk every day, and while I sometimes barely eked out my steps, I always reached 10k. And yesterday, I walked a half marathon with my family. So I hit 30k doing that. My total mileage for the two weeks was 50. Not bad at all.

As you probably gathered from the numbers, my weight didn’t change at all. It fluctuated a bit from day to day, but I’m not doing enough to see real progress. But funnily enough, I feel actually amazing about how things are going. The fact that I’m not obsessively trying to lose weight, but I’m still logging food and being active? That’s huge. HUGE! My goal is to eat less than I burn. Even yesterday, when I felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted after the half marathon, I still chose (mostly) wisely. I only consumed 2145 calories. Because that sense of entitlement has been my downfall in the past, and the numbers have not worked in my favor. When I wasn’t paying close attention, I thought a 1000 calorie burn meant I could eat 3000 calories worth of food. I had no idea the value on either side, so I was just winging it. And as it turns out, I really suck at winging it.

So yeah, this is a big damn deal.

Lastly, what did I do over the last few weeks?

I finished two of my spring semester classes. Just one left and then I’m done until the fall semester. College is awesome, but I like the break.

I watched the kids dye eggs for Easter. I could say I helped, but I try not to lie on the blog. Dyeing eggs is just not my thang.


I became absolutely obsessed with this journal for moms & daughters called Just Between Us (affiliate link). You already know that if you follow me on FB or Instagram. But seriously. I love it and so does my girl. (By the way, if you’re not following me on IG, you should be! I post photos daily!)


I fell in love with Aloha Salads. If you are in Hawai’i, you have to try it out. Their ingredients are fresh and local. Yes, really! I get a hankering for a salad from time to time, and this place will now be my go-to. Gah! So good. This feels like a ridiculous thing to post (& much like an advertisement), but I don’t care. I love a good salad and I’ve been searching for a place that offers it! Can you feel my excitement?


My guy helped me take a new photo for the blog. And I didn’t nip or tuck myself at all in Photoshop. Confidence win!


And lastly, as I mentioned above, my family completed a half marathon together. It was pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to blog about it over on The Wandering Five.


I’m hoping we get back to working on the house this week, plus my goal is to lift weights at least three times. I’m going to continue my trend of simply eating less than I burn. I may not see change quickly, but I hate to fix what isn’t broken. Slow progress is still progress.

You may have noticed that I added a “subscribe” button over there on the right hand side of the blog. Make sure you do that so you don’t miss any posts! This week, I’ll be bringing back the Health Nut Heroes series I started awhile back. I’m excited!

I know i promised you a review of my Fitbit Charge HR, but I decided to gather more information and give it a bit more time before I tell you what I think. So I haven’t forgotten, and it IS coming. I just want to make sure my opinion is secure before I spill my guts about it!

Have a fantastic week!

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