Staying Awesome

Let me tell you all about this past week. It wasn’t a total win, but there’s plenty to write home about.

As far as productivity goes, we’re definitely gearing up for more heavy house stuff. But to break ourselves in, we did some little stuff.

We first made a $600 trip to Lowe’s.


Then over the course of the last week, we put out our new front porch furniture. And after months of waiting, we get to finally experience our grass all grown in. It’s magnificent! Except now we need to mow.


No picture, but we finally installed a ceiling light/fan in our living room! I can’t believe the difference it makes in there. And by “we”, I mean “J”, but my moral support efforts were pretty on point.

I put together a little coffee table cart thing for the kids’ media room. I actually hate how it looks in there which sucks, but at least they have something.


And then the biggie. We finally built our coffee table! It was incredibly easy – the hardest part was waiting for the hairpin legs to arrive. (If I’m being totally honest, J did most of the work on this table. But I still got a picture of me to pretend I did a lot.)


Here she is! I’m still so in love. (You already know about this if you follow me on Instagram. Which you should be, because I post some pretty great photos every single day.)


And that’s all we accomplished on the house. But hey, it’s a start. And we thought heavily about getting to work on the baseboards, but that’s as far as we got.

In the “I do sometimes try to be a good mom” department, I played about 749 rounds of Racko with the kiddos, and we made homemade lemonade. So much sugar, but so much deliciousness.


They were going to try for a lemonade stand, but it turns out that good homemade lemonade is not cheap. Therefore, it’s not easy to sell. That’s alright though. More for us.

Okay, so that was my week. In pictures at least.

But let’s talk about my week in terms of health.

It’s been interesting. I have felt so hungry. Or snacky. And that’s been frustrating. I averaged 2153 calories/day in food. That wouldn’t be horrible if I was hitting the exercise hard.

But no. According to my Fitbit, I only burned 1892 calories/day. Major fail. So that explains the pound I’m up on the scale. It’s not the end of the world, but I really want to cut back the eating. It’s not so much the amount I’m eating – it’s definitely the food I’m eating.

Like McDonald’s.


But hey, we walked a mile and a half each way to get it, and I only had a cheeseburger and a small fry. Okay, and one chicken nugget. But no soda and no ice cream. So that’s good, right?

Gah. Still 600 calories of bad choices.

I’ll get it figured out. Today’s Monday of a new week, and I’m already seeing a little improvement.

But back to last week. 84,105 steps or 12k steps per day. That’s pretty good! And I walked every day to the tune of 24 total miles.

And yesterday’s walk was rewarded with some fantastic sea turtle action. There were like six of them riding the waves just down the road from our house. So neat.


However, my goal of lifting weights three times didn’t pan out so well. I only lifted once. And wow, you can imagine the difference in my strength after weeks of skipping these sessions. What was easy a few months ago felt insanely difficult this past weekend.

So I have a lot to improve upon. But if there’s any consolation to my lack of physical dedication, it’s that my mind has been running at full speed. I’m working on providing more content for this blog on a consistent basis, plus I’m launching a new (local) project to help inspire self-confidence and positive self-esteem in women. More details to come on that!

Overall, things are going very well. I’m still logging everything, even though the numbers aren’t great. That’s okay, because I’m not in denial at all. Denial is what lets my weight get out of control, and I’m hopeful that I can continue to be mindful of my actions. Yes, even if they aren’t the healthiest.

It’s still important to consider the fact that I’ve grown so very much in the last year. Anytime I think I’m not doing enough, I remember how much more I’m doing than before. And then I realize that I’m awesome.

Let me know how your week went!



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