April 2015 Mileage

So normally I just throw this little graphic in with my weekly updates, but I decided to separate it out from now on. You know why? Because I’m DANG proud of these monthly mileage numbers. Prior to March of last year, I could never have dreamed of these consistent numbers. We made it a goal back then to move daily – in whatever way we felt inspired. That little mission led us to train for and RUN a marathon, and it’s kept us going all these months later.

1,464 miles…that’s how far I’ve traveled with my two little (average-sized) feet in the span of 14 months. Whether it was walking, running, or hiking, I have made that happen. Mind. Blown.

It’s amazing what taking that first step can do! Start walking every day, and sometimes the rest will just follow. I’m now nearly 25 pounds lighter, and I can’t imagine living without my daily walks now. (As you’ll see though, the runs sort of came to an abrupt halt!)

So here’s this past month…

April 2015: 96 miles walked & 3 miles hiked.


And then I decided to add everything from the last year too, just this time…

March 2015: 35 miles walked & 24 miles hiked.


February 2015: 60 miles walked, 9 miles hiked, and 3 miles ran.


January 2015: 81 miles walked, 20 miles hiked, and 20 miles ran.


December 2014: 46 miles walked and 39 miles ran.


November 2014: 72 miles walked and 85 miles ran.


October 2104: 55 miles walked and 76 miles ran.


September 2014: 69 miles walked and 57 miles ran.


August 2014:  124 miles walked/ran/hiked. (I didn’t break it down prior to this. But then my perfectionism got the best of me!)


July 2014: 120 miles walked/ran/hiked.

I don’t have graphics, but I do have the info all the way back to March. I’m including the miles I biked as well since I haven’t done much (any!) of that recently.

June 2014: 97 miles walked/ran/hiked, 96 miles biked
May 2014: 105 miles walked/ran/hiked, 10 miles biked
April 2014: 110 miles walked/ran/hiked
March 2014: 58 miles walked/ran/hiked, 44 miles biked

A WHOLE YEAR of consistent activity. That is huge! Never in my life could I say that. In 14 months, I’ve had about 30 days total of “inactivity”. Most of those happened in the span of two months too (March 2014 & then after the marathon!) And it all started with daily walks. Unbelievable.

If my couch-loving self can get up and learn to love daily movement, I’m telling you – anyone can. It’s about finding something that you look forward to, and sometimes that takes a while. It’s okay. Keep trying!


  1. says

    Wow, this is hugely inspiring to me (as I sit, dressed in my running clothes, reading blogs instead of …well, going out running. haha). Just a few miles/day or week really add up over time, don’t they??? I think I’m going to start keeping track like this!

    • Nicole says

      LOL Anna! I’ve so been there. They really do add up! And it begins to feel so awesome to say that you’ve accomplished that. I think you should do it!

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