Health Nut Hero: Angel

Name: Angel Ballance
Age: 37
Location: Little Elm, TX


How long have you been a health nut in training (and what does that look like for you)?
About 5 years ago, my local women’s ministry leader and pastor started bringing in local nutritionists, private trainers, doctors, and healthcare professionals to talk about food and its relationship with body health, right next to scriptures and images of living an abundant life. During one of these seminars, I connected with one of the nutrition experts and we started exploring symptoms & causes of candidas, how to eat more raw foods, and so I started implementing it in my family’s meals and personally ate sugar free, yeast free for 1 full year. It was amazing some of the turnarounds in my skin, energy, weight, and overall health.

Alas, I didn’t keep it up, though, and the weight came back on. I started looking into calorie counting and even started exercising for the first time in my life (I hadn’t been into any type of fitness or activity since my high school dance classes in ballet, jazz, and tap). I had struggled with weight for as long as I could remember – specifically, since puberty, when suddenly I had rounder hips and thighs, despite dancing and eating salad. Regardless, there I was, 3 babies into mommyhood, and I was more uncomfortable with my body – how it felt and looked – than I had ever been. I started looking at facebook pages, started taking weightloss drinks and pills, started scouring the internet for exercise programs, started downloading calorie counting and fitness apps. I started making progress when I connected with a lovely group of ladies on Facebook, all talking about eating and making efforts to get more active.

It wasn’t long, though, and a couple of injuries completely discouraged me from working out anymore. It was too painful. I was seeing a chiropractor, but exercise the way I had been doing it was no longer working for me. I ate with my emotions and put on more weight. All of my pants were getting tighter and more uncomfortable, but I was too defeated to try to do anything about it. That is, until a neighbor and friend reached out and invited me to try a new program coming out. It sounded so promising, and, although completely skeptical, I met her and a few neighbors to give it a go – fully expecting to hate it or find it wouldn’t work for me. But instead, I fell in love with the entire experience.

It was my first real-life taste of a Beachbody program, and soon after, I decided to become a coach myself and encourage others like me that it was possible to take their health back. This is when there was no turning back for me. Today, their at-home workouts and eating guides fit my lifestyle, combined with what I learned through my early experiences and teachings, so I enjoy passing on the knowledge and experience with my friends and fit fam. In my own home, we focus on clean(er) eating efforts, with the occasional family pizza/movie night LOL – and seek to implement more of what we learn along the way for our family’s meal times and long-term well-being, too.


What motivated you to begin your journey to health?
The curiousity and desire to be healthy all started with those seminars, but the first mama to truly motivate me into believing it was possible for me – was a friend who lost all her pregnancy weight and then some – gaining strength and confidence at the same time.

Who have been your biggest supporters?
My husband, my coach and team, and my friends! We have since moved from our hometown, so most of my friends are only able to connect with me on Facebook. Their encouragement means the world to me, and motivated me to encourage others. Everyone should have friends like them in their corner, cheering them on and reminding them they are inspiring others. My husband is by far my greatest cheerleader, and celebrates every major milestone and even the smallest victories with me. And he believes in me.


How has your choice to get healthy impacted other areas of your life?
My energy is up and I am more confident. I am able to get more accomplished in a day and I have a DESIRE to keep going and do more, be more. For more husband and my children, my team and my friends.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
To start where you are, but start. Don’t despise small beginnings. Don’t put it off until all conditions are perfect. They never will be. Whether you’re an all-or-nothing person or a one-step-at-a-time person, put one new habit in place towards your goals for a healthier, more fulfilling future (whatever that looks like for you), until it becomes a new way of living. WHEREVER YOU ARE, DO SOMETHING. Begin the discovery of your own strength and how that will help others. Watch. YOU will become an inspiration to many.

Thanks for sharing, Angel! I LOVE your advice. I know so many can relate to your story, and I’m happy to hear you’ve found a lifestyle that works for you!


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