Health Nut Hero: Brenda

Name: Brenda Lee Frost
Age: 49
Location: Shelton, WA


How long have you been a health nut in training (and what does that look like for you)?
I have been a health nut in training for five years – in April 19, 2010 I decided enough was enough. I topped the scales at 329 pounds. I was not living; I was depressed. Going to work, coming home & staying in my room too – tired to do anything. I would watch shows about morbidly obese people. Thinking I needed to do something about that. I was not participating in my own life. More worried about my farm (FarmVille) and my city (Cityville) than anything else.

What motivated you to begin your journey to health?
My kids would come and go and ask how my crops were doing. They had a life, and I felt ashamed at what I looked like. My son was bugging me to join the gym with him for the longest time. Finally on April 19, 2010, I joined the gym. I wanted my life back, wanted to ride my bike, hike, live. In the past five years I have had many life altering events as most of us do; lost my job, my mother, my mother in law, hysterectomy and then divorce. My weight fluctuated – lose , gain, lose, gain, lose again. During this time I have learned how to not use food for comfort. Admitting I was a food addict was hard. I brought my journey into the public with my Facebook page: Will and Bud Fit by Fifty. I wanted to hold myself accountable and maybe inspire others.



Who have been your biggest supporters?
I found my biggest support online; Chasidy Rader of Mrs Greentea703, along with my Bod Squad (FB group). My best friend inspires me and encourages me to push harder. My family, friends and others I don’t even know support me and encourage me everyday.


How has your choice to get healthy impacted other areas of your life?
My journey has taken many different roads. I now try to eat clean as much as possible. I workout. Weight train, cardio, I try to mix it up. This journey has taught me about how unhealthy we eat and about the bad foods that are provided for us. Easily available for our hectic lives.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
My advice would be to learn as much as possible, ask questions, and do your research. My goal is to be able to eat and live off what the earth grows and supports. To be healthy and strong.




Thanks for sharing, Brenda! You look so happy and healthy! You’ve lost over a hundred pounds and you’re definitely participating in your life now! Keep on rocking it!

Interested in following Brenda? You can find her constantly encouraging others on her Facebook page!

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