Health Nut Hero: Candee

My name is Candee. I am a 44 year old mother to 3 active boys. We are located in NJ.


My fitness and weight loss story started in 1999. After a visit to my doctor, I learned I had high bp and was a borderline diabetic. he also told me if I got pregnant I would be high risk based on my weight and projected weight gain. I started Weight Watchers soon after. I lost 42 pounds. I was offered a position with WW as a leader. During this time I rekindled my love affair with running and ran two full marathons and a bunch of half marathons and 10 milers etc.

I maintained a 42 pound weight loss until my pregnancy in 2005. I gained 47 lbs with the pregnancy. I followed WW to lose the weight again. After losing 47 pounds in 14 months, I got pregnant again and gained 53 pounds. I jumped right back into Weight Watchers and exercise as I was desperate to lose the weight again and get back to my fitness level. I started following some Beach Body programs such as Turbo Jam. I went back to running and walking and some weights.


I turned 40 and I was so happy to be back to prepregancy weight and activity level. I never expected to get pregnant at 40, but I did. I gained 54 pounds with my last pregnancy. I decided to have my tubes tied.

I have lost the 54 pounds and my focus now is more fitness based. I still run, and I have incorporated strength training into my day.


I would say my husband and my kids are my biggest supporters. My hubby is a Beachbody coach and it has been great for us to help others – me with WW and him with BB. I do try to eat pretty clean, but I do allow treats and splurges. Moderation is my motto.

Thanks for sharing, Candee! I’m sure you’re going to inspire your boys to live an active and healthy lifestyle through your own actions!

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