Hi, I’m Bloated. What’s your name?

You’d really think I’d get a clue at some point and remember that when I eat shit, I feel like shit. But I just keep testing that theory. I’m really into research. Obviously.

Last night, I was so bloated that it felt like my skin might pop. It’s a side effect of my skin removal surgery I guess. It feels like my skin is stretching way beyond its limits. But you know, only when I eat way beyond my limits. Soooooo, I kinda deserve it.

Anyway, let me just get to the meat of the last week. No weight lifting. Again. But I did have a moment this past weekend when I realized I was ready to get that going again. I am feeling like a sexy beast 98.7% of the time, but my arms are driving me insane. So it’s time to do something about it.

(Spoiler alert, I woke up today and got that started!)

Back to last week. I logged my food from Monday – Thursday, and then I don’t know what happened. Well, I do.  I quit logging. Simple as that. I made the choice to simply eat whatever I wanted. And drink whatever I wanted. And I didn’t care. That’s going to happen. And you know what feels awesome? It was three days off and as simple as I stopped, I got started again today. Because this is not a big deal. Logging is no longer some horribly laborious process for me. It’s slowly becoming as ingrained in me as flossing my teeth. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it’s just a part of taking care of my body.

And as I look back over the past few months, my weight has been completely stable. And I’m sure you’ve noticed – I haven’t exactly been reigning in my diet. Just being mindful is apparently enough. It’s enough! I could scream it from the mountaintops.

I can enjoy wine, and bread, and chocolate, and dinners with friends. I can do my daily walks, but I don’t have to kill myself with cardio unless I decide that it sounds like fun. It feels like everything I’ve been trying to accomplish is happening. Five years I’ve been at this, and I’m finally conquering this whole maintenance thing. It’s about damn time.

Okay, moving on. (But yay!)

Step count for the week: 81,893 which equals out to 11.7k per day. Down but still respectable. I burned 2020 calories/day, and my intake for the first three days was 1923/day. But that’s really irrelevant given the amount of food I consumed over the weekend.

I walked every day to the tune of 19.51 miles total.

And you already know this if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but I also tried a ballroom dancing class! A friend teaches at a dance academy, and she sent out an invite. And on a whim, we signed up! And then our friends did as well. SO much fun.


How cute are we together? I love this guy! And I was completely impressed by his skills. It felt good to step out of our comfort zone, and I’m grateful for a man who will make the most of every single thing I get us into. We all need that kind of support in our lives!


Look at the guys getting down to business! That’s so hot!


Earlier that day, we met up with the same friends, and we had a little girl time at a local craft fair. Don’t we look like we could be related?


Okay, I have no idea why I’m telling you about my week backwards, but just go with me.

Wednesday, I had my second vision board party. It was so much fun, and I think I did a good job of adequately communicating my love of vision boards to these women. And they totally rocked out their own boards! (Jo there on the bottom DID make one…she just didn’t have it all glued for the picture.)


And on Monday, I got my hair done. And J took this shot of me. It looks so blogger-y! I love it.


Besides all of that above, I did THREE Project Elegance sessions this past week. Of course, many of you have no idea what that is, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Tomorrow, I think. I’m insanely excited about the whole thing.

That was my week! Hope yours was good!

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