Me, Me, Me!

Well, that was a busy and beautiful week! I shot a Project Elegance session, took my kiddos to a few classes, attended a little “negative tide” homeschooling event at a ridiculously early hour, adventured to Laie Point, took photos at a kids’ masquerade ball, got irresponsibly drunk, dealt with a hangover, had my first coaching call, went shopping for hours, learned how to play Agricola, and worked on the blog.


Let’s talk numbers. I weight lifted once. I kicked ass the week prior and then totally fizzled out. Oops. Fingers crossed for a better showing this current week.

I walked every day but Friday, however I still got my steps in that day too. I just decided that running around the dance floor 348 times for three hours counted as my activity. Good enough. So my total miles for the week ended up at 22.5. I actually had three days where I walked twice. Winning.

My step count ended up 84,894 or 12k/day. Super happy with that.

I logged my food every day and I averaged 1849 calories per day. Amazing? No. But I burned 2292/day so yay! That means I should have lost just under a pound for the week. Unfortunately, I jacked myself up with the drinking and dehydration. So I don’t know where my body actually is. Today’s weight (Tuesday) showed 151.2. That’s a damn good number, and I’m pretty excited to see it given the lack of dedication I have shown to losing weight. Now I just have to work on not sabotaging myself during the next week. Fingers crossed!

So let’s talk sabotage. Eating out is my biggest one. Well, let’s be honest. I have lots of ways to sabotage myself and they probably can’t be ranked. So let’s just say that this is one of them.

Buuuut we went to Subway and I made three good choices: 1) Salad vs. sub. 2) Very little cheese. 3) Instead of smothering my salad in ranch, I decided to use the Asian Sesame Ginger we had at home. And it was delicious.


My new shirt came in! I have been looking into mass-ordering some HNIT apparel to make it easier for all of you to purchase. But it just doesn’t seem to save any money, and you get fewer choices! So for now, I’m going to stick with Customized Girl because I love all the options they allow for decent prices.

On Thursday, we woke up at 4:30 (which is just stupid), and headed out to the windward (east) side of the island. The tide was supposed to be so low that the reef was actually exposed. It wasn’t quite like that, but the water was shallow and we got to see some cool little creatures. But here’s a photo of me. Not in the water.


Since we were already out and about, we decided to check off another sight-seeing area from our adventure list. This is Laie Point and it’s amazing.


I’ll be writing blog posts about both places over on The Wandering Five so you can see the rest of the pics then. (And you know I took a ton of pictures.)

On Friday, I was honored to take photos at a homeschooling Masquerade Ball. It was for ages 12+, so my own kids didn’t attend. But it was such a magnificent evening. The moms that organized it did an incredible job and I had a lot of fun. And I totally wore spandex shorts under my dress because, well, that could have been bad.


It was after the ball that we went to our friends’ house and somehow I had FIVE glasses of wine. I totally thought it was three so I didn’t understand how I got so very drunk so quickly. I like wine as much as the next guy, but I don’t go stupid very often. So that made my Saturday pretty sucky.

Luckily, I already had shopping plans. So that got me up and out of the house. The guys and kids watched movies and went bowling, while my friend Erica and I hit the mall. And I tried on a romper. A ROMPER! And it looked totally cute on me! But I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have a strapless bra (at the time) and then Erica said the pattern overwhelmed me. And she’s right – it really does. So now I’m on the hunt for a less busy romper. Am I crazy or what?


However, later that day, I did in fact find my very first strapless bra. I might as well have won the lottery. Now my boobs just can’t change. At all.


After a fun filled shopping day, we spent four hours learning how to play Agricola from our friends. That game is a TON of fun, but I’m a long way from mastering it. But challenging games are the best!


And that’s it! Incredible week where I did so much right! I’m busting my behind preparing for this whole coaching business (which seems to keep expanding in scope…), but I really want to get the weight lifting thing going consistently.

One last note…I don’t think I could have packed more images of myself into such a tiny little post. I guess that’s what a little bit of confidence will do to ya. 😉

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