Spin, Tacos & Finding My Groove

Since the week prior was crazy busy, I basically gave myself the last seven days to do whatever I wanted. No expectations – no deadlines. Just be. And man, it felt great. It’s the ability to do this kind of thing that reminds me how incredibly amazing my life really is. So grateful.

Okay, but we just gotta get in there and talk numbers. Despite feeling like I could sit back and be lazy, it was a really productive week. My one negative would be that I only lifted weights twice. But that’s one time more than the week before. So I’m going to be proud.

Let’s go: 103,533 steps. That’s 14.8k steps per day. Whaaaaat?! Go me. I walked a ridiculous amount of miles – 28.5 to be exact. I listened to hours of the SERIAL podcast and I can’t get enough. I can easily spend two hours putting one foot in front of the other without even noticing the passing of time. I only have a few episodes left and I’m kind of freaking out.

In addition to the daily walks, I also got in a little 2 mile hike with some friends on Sunday. And speaking of them, they also talked James and me into going to our first ever spin class. It was insanely difficult, but I handled it much better than I anticipated! I really thought my ass would be killing me, but the seat was fine. I have noticed some soreness in the days since, but it hasn’t been so bad I wouldn’t think of returning. In fact, it may become a weekly thing. Our friends are going way more than that, but that’s definitely not for me.

Now…calories in versus calories out. SUCH a good week. My average intake was 1850 calories per day, but I burned 2564. If you’re doing the math with me, that’s about a 5000 calorie deficit for the week. Yeah, like a freaking pound and a half. And I didn’t do anything that felt diet-y or weight loss-y at all. So very nice. I mean, yeah, I walked a lot. But I LOVED it. It didn’t feel like exercise because I enjoyed myself the entire time.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but my main thought is….I have arrived. Ha! I have reached this point where I can have my cake and eat it too. (I literally ate cake this past week. Twice.)

And yes, the scale is reflecting the loss. I am thiiiiiiiisclose to the 140s (at 150.4) and I haven’t seen those digits since right after my surgery when I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything. I’m beginning to look like myself again, and I’m feeling full of energy. And life.

Can you feel my excitement?

Oh! Another thing I want to mention is my water consumption. It’s been an issue for me since, well, forever. I have never drank (drunk?) enough water for some reason. I’m just not typically a very thirsty person. But I know it’s not good for me, and I’ve made several (failed) attempts to remedy the situation. But I think I’m finally on my way to the solution. Instead of trying to go from barely any water to 80 oz in one fell swoop (which never sticks), why don’t I give myself a smaller goal? Two glasses of water has to be better than one or none, right? It may not be the recommended amount, but it’s something.

And guess what? It’s working. J always brings a glass up for each of us every night, so I’ve been downing that before I go to sleep. (Instead of letting it sit on my night stand and then dumping it out in the morning per usual.) And then I’ve been making a concerted effort to have some water at least once during the day. And it’s becoming a habit slowly. My hope is that once I get used to two glasses of water, I’ll be able to seamlessly add a third. And then a fourth. I’ll keep you posted.

Now, my week in pictures:

BLTs. They are one of our new favorite go-to meals. Have I already mentioned this? Well, it’s worth repeating. J handles the bacon (and the lettuce – and the tomato if we’re being honest), and I deal with the sides. It’s the perfect meal when we didn’t set out something for dinner. This entire meal was about 375 calories. You wouldn’t think that the whole wheat Sandwich Thins would be tasty when toasted, but I freaking love them. They’re perfect with a pan-fried egg as well. Yum.


I think I told you last week that I did a bunch of shopping. These new colorful shorts were one of my finds. I love them!


While the weekdays were fairly relaxed, the weekend was packed. And I loved it!

On Saturday, we did spin and then we headed downtown for some good eating and pool fun. I spent way too much time trying to take this picture of all of us. I’m thankful for understanding friends. (Sit forward! No, you, sit back! Act natural! No crazy faces!)


So you know how eating out is a huge PITA when you’re watching your calories, right? I looked at the nutritional information on our way there, and everything sounded good. Not super healthy though. So I had a dilemma. But my friend Erica said she’d gotten the tacos when she was there previously and they were really good. And two of them totaled about 500 calories. Not too bad.

Now I love tacos, but I never order them when I go out. Like seriously. Never. It just feels like such an easy thing to make at home – why would I order them at a nice restaurant? But I really wanted to stick to my calories, and I totally planned on ordering a fancy cocktail at the pool later, so I stepped outside of my sandwich-eating-comfort-zone and ordered two tacos.

Fantastic decision. I got the baja fish for one and kalua pork for the other. Delicious, and they filled me up. Now I just gotta remember this for next time. The chances are slim, but there’s always hope!


We had a great time at the pool. I got a Lava Flow that probably had about two drops of alcohol in it (the rest was just pure sugar with a little flavor thrown in). The kids loved playing with their friends and I enjoyed the fact that there was no sand to deal with when we were done. (Poor me. I live in Hawaii with horribly sandy beaches everywhere. Yeah, I know. I’m shutting up now.)


On Sunday, we met up with the same friends and hiked a trail on the west side of the island. Can you even believe this photo? The water is really that blue. It’s insane. James captured this shot of me as we were heading up to check out the highest pillbox on the hike. (Blog post to come over on The Wandering Five.)


I love this shot. I’m not doing the “hands on the hips” pose that seems to be my default. And like I mentioned before, I’m starting to see me again in my pictures. I may not look different to anyone else, but I see it. I see the change. And it fills me with joy!


After the hike, we went to the beach for a little picnic. And I finally found some palm trees that would work for this silhouette shot I’ve been imagining forever. It makes my heart happy. (Our friends got a shot just like it too!)


And that was pretty much my week! I did have one more thing happen that I haven’t mentioned. Many of you know that I’ll soon be offering a coaching service, but I’ve decided to add something as well. I am creating a video course that will act as a DIY coaching program. It’s perfect if you need some help getting things on track mentally, but you don’t need me all up in your business daily. By subscribing below, you’ll not only be the first to hear when it’s released, but you’ll also receive a discount!


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