Taking a Leap of Faith

Today, I feel like a grown up. I’m a grown up who has these big bad dreams, and I’m feeling ready to take big actions to make them happen. Yesterday, I decided to attend Fitbloggin next month, which is a conference for health and wellness bloggers.

And it’s in Denver, Colorado this year. So that means I have to board a plane all by myself and fly 3500 miles without my security blanket (also known as my husband). I’m super proud of myself, but it’s scary! I like to do big things, but I like to do them with someone familiar. Because then it’s it’s just a tiny bit less new and overwhelming. But I’m pushing past that, because I can’t move forward if I don’t step way out of my box.

The funny thing is that I was just mentioning to J that this conference was going on my vision board. I’d been thinking about it for months, but I kept considering it a frivolous expense. My sweet, sweet husband then sort of went all macho on me and convinced me that NOW was the time to take action. NOW was the time to attend. Here I am telling women that life is short and we have to grab life by the balls NOW. But when it comes to me, I sometimes push things to the side. (Not with everything of course, but with things that aren’t safe or easily handled within my comfort zone.)

So I would like to give a shoutout to my incredibly supportive husband for not only standing behind me, but for pushing me to stretch myself further. I know I need it. Even when I push back. Even when I let my fears creep in. I do need to be pushed. I have to take a chance and just have faith that it’ll be worth the money and the time. It will!

Yep, I’m pretty damn excited.

Okay, but let’s talk about last week. Like every collection of seven days, it had its good and bad points.

Good: 78,952 steps which equals 11.3k steps/day. Calories burned = 2202/day. Daily walks totaling 23 miles. Four days of weight lifting. HUGE improvement over the previous months.

Less good: I ate 2307 calories/day and I didn’t log on Saturday which means it was probably higher than that. I made bad decision after bad decision, and I could feel my body revolting. I had a (way larger than necessary) potato chip snack a few times and I could immediately detect a reaction in my body. I’m eating to satiate stress and not hunger. And that’s always a bad train to be riding. But I am aware of it. I just have to pay more attention.

As you can imagine, I want to get that intake number under control. And I think this conference has given me some extra incentive to do that. I certainly don’t intend to go “crazy” and restrict down to 1200 calories a day or anything, but I think maybe eating less than I’m burning is a fairly valid goal! But what I definitely want to focus on is lifting those weights 4-6 days each week.  It makes me feel so powerful, and I love that burn you feel the next day. So invigorating.

That was a quick wrap-up on the numbers. Truthfully, it wasn’t an overly exciting week. I’m spending a lot of time reorganizing this blog (sniff around and see what you think!) plus I’m diligently planning my upcoming coaching program. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list so you’ll be the first to know about it. I’ll only be able to take on so many clients, so I’ll be offering up first grabs to my subscribers!

In other news, we tried a quick dinner fix and I loved it! I found little pre-made sauce packets at the grocery store. There were a ton of options, but I looked for the ones with the cleanest ingredients and grabbed them. So for this night, the sauce was Korean BBQ. So good and insanely easy. We cooked up some jasmine rice and then sautéed green peppers and broccoli with the stew meat. It was a very healthy portion of food for only about 400 calories.


Also, (and I already posted this on Facebook), but I really couldn’t be more in love with my new notebooks! I got such great feedback about them, and I’m definitely thinking giveaway. Just can’t promise when. So many things swirling around in my brain!


And lastly, a random picture of me and my guy. It was Mother’s Day this past Sunday, and he treated me to some shopping. And some wine and chocolates. And to a tulip plant that’ll be dead within a week.


I really should have gotten a picture with my kids, but I didn’t. I did spend the whole weekend with them though (as if that’s different than normal?), and they were perfect little angels during my shopping trip. I love that they’re getting older and can recognize that it’s a holiday weekend. And their behavior reflects that. (Don’t worry, Mother’s Day is over and they’ve been fighting plenty today to make up for it.)

That’s all I’ve got for you. Just moseying on along – but every week that passes is a good reminder that calorie counting absolutely works for me! I am up two pounds for the week, but it’s a normal fluctuation and it’s also probably period-related. I am feeling mindful about my health and not at all obsessed. This is that happy medium that I couldn’t find for so long.

Thankful lady right here!

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