Expectations vs. Reality

So if I’m being completely honest with you (and I always am), I need to tell you that the scale is pissing me off. I want to pretend that it isn’t, and I want to tell you that I know I’m making progress even if the scale says otherwise. But I’m human. And since I know many of us experience these same emotions, it’s worth talking about.

Now here’s the deal. Over the last 3 weeks, the numbers say I should be down four pounds. I’m down one. I’ve lost an inch in my waist, another in my hips, and another in each thigh. So that’s definitely progress. But I lost a pound right away, and then nothing. If you go back and read last week’s post, I was super excited because I was thisclose to the 140s. But nope, I went right back up. So as of today, I actually weigh a little bit more than I did two weeks ago. And the numbers say something different should be happening.

But before you get all ready to jump in and make me feel better (thank you for that), it’s important to note that I realize that the scale doesn’t have all the answers. The scale doesn’t reflect the fact that I’m doing so many good things for my body that I’m sleeping like a baby at night. The scale doesn’t tell you about the pride I feel when I make better food choices throughout the day. The scale doesn’t tell you that my jeans are fitting better and I wore a size small shirt yesterday that hasn’t fit well in three years. I know these things. I know them. But I’m human, so I still feel frustrated.

The scale is likely reflecting one major thing: I am consuming a ridiculous amount of sodium. While my calories have been great, we’ve been eating out a lot. (And when we’re eating at home, it’s been highly processed foods.) And my body holds water like a clogged tub. So yes, the numbers show you one thing. But the scale is showing you another. And I have to own up to it. Because calories are great when it comes to weight loss, but the eating out is a major issue. I know my body retains water. I know my body is sensitive to sodium. So I have to be honest with myself when the scale is just reminding me of those two facts. It’s pissing me off, but it’s telling me the truth.

So that’s my little bit of honesty for the week. I know what I need to do better – now I just need to do it. And if after I do that, I’m still not seeing progress? I’ll know then that I may need to make an adjustment somewhere else.

Okay, so let’s talk about the last week. 102,856 steps which equals out to 14.7k steps/day. Awesome, right?  Love it! I burned an average of 2534 calories per day, and I ate an average of 1824. That comes out to an expected pound and a half loss. But we’ve already covered the fact that I’m actually up a pound.

My calories burned figure was higher than normal because we hiked for eight hours (7 miles) on Friday. My total burn that day was 4500. And the shocking thing is that I didn’t immediately eat back all of those calories! Not that day – and not the following days. HUGE win.

My water intake is staying steady at about 2 glasses a day. Not great, but certainly not as bad as it once was. I’m still making a concerted effort to drink a glass during the day and another at night. Some days I even get in more.

Not a single weight lifting session. Hanging my head in shame.

Aside from the long hike, I walked 24 miles. I finished up the SERIAL podcast, and I haven’t found another good one to obsess over yet. I’ll let you know if I do. Having something good to listen to really makes those walks just fly by. Maybe I should try an audio book.

So that was pretty much it. Here are some photos from the week!

You may be wondering why a seven mile hike would take eight hours. Well, it was a beast. It was a ridge hike, and we just had to climb up and down, up and down, until we reached the summit. And aside from the up & down, there were thorny ferns we had to wade through. Those comprised about 2/3 of the trail, and the kids went painfully slow through them. So it took forever. But man, the views were pretty! (Blog post to come over on The Wandering Five!)


This was as we were almost done. See those peaks way in the back in shadow? One of those was the summit – the halfway point. So by the time we took this picture, we’d been going all day and I gotta give it to my kids for being patient and posing for a family shot. They really do love me!


The next day, we had plans to go to spin class but I ultimately decided to sleep in. We did go to lunch with friends though, and then we checked out a local museum.


Then on Sunday, I spent the entire day editing photos for a homeschooling dance I shot a few weeks back. As a reward when I finished, we did a little shopping and recon. J and I are hoping to make it over to Kauai this summer (sans kids!) and there is a pretty amazing trail we’re hoping to hike. It’s 22 miles round-trip, so we’d be camping overnight. Since we only have lightweight Camelbaks, we’re researching all the gear we’ll likely need. It’s so much fun!


In addition to a fairly busy week, I’m working SO hard on all of the logistics for my upcoming coaching service. Make sure to subscribe below so you’ll know when it’s released!


  1. Laura says

    The kids are even smiling! They may like hiking more than you think. <3 And I don't care what the damn scale says, you look fabulous!

    • Nicole says

      Welllllll…you didn’t hear the 7.5 hours of complaining that we endured. But they are seriously the best sports ever. We may have given them a complete week of vacation to do whatever they wanted in return LOL. And thank you!

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