A Busy Blip

It’s been three weeks since I last posted a weekly update. I would say that was a fail, but I’ve been so busy living life! And living life is never a fail.

Some great news: the last few posts I made reflected my down-in-the-dumps mood. I’m happy to say that my head is back up in the clouds. (For the most part.) Like I mentioned before, I think it was largely related to my period. But it seemed to be a deeper and longer dip than normal. So I can’t explain it exactly, but I’m thankful to be past it for now.

Before we get to the photo roundup, let’s talk health. It’ll be quick and dirty because I don’t have a whole lot to say. I haven’t been logging my food for at least the last two weeks. I haven’t been going crazy, but I’ve just been lazy. That stops today. I haven’t been paying attention to my calories burned either. I don’t think I lifted weights at all. And my walks have been sporadic. That means my daily step goal hasn’t been met consistently which kind of sucks. This past week, my step count was 69,237. The week before, it was 70,694. And the week prior to that, it was 59,739. Not fantastic. Not fantastic at all. But as always, it could have been worse for sure.

The scale showed a four pound gain today, so that was just what I needed to see to get myself back on track. I even lifted weights already today. Win!

Now, to the pictures. I tried to be picky because showing you three weeks worth of pictures could go on for days. 😉

So I was really struggling with my body for a bit. We went hiking – on like our most difficult hike EVER – and when I looked at the images later, I just felt so bad about them. I started to think it was more about the shirt I was wearing than me. So we headed to Sports Authority and picked out a few new tops. And J took photos of me so I could make sure I liked them. (Vain much?)

And yep. That damn shirt I had been wearing (on the left) was not doing me ANY favors. These pictures were taken one day apart. Baggy clothing just doesn’t work on me. But this one on the right – I love it. (Also, I just got some new non-uniboob sports bras from Victoria’s Secret that I’m loving!)

shirt compare

I finally found a remote for my DSLR, and my husband decided to feel me up as I was testing it out. 17 years later, and he still acts like a teenaged boy. I love it.

IMG_9854 I tried my first freshly-cracked coconut! I didn’t find it to be as amazing as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t awful.

IMG_6489 I got my first mammogram! My skin removal surgery has left some weird tissue areas in my breasts, so I had to get them checked out. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

IMG_6597 I went to Fitbloggin’ – a conference for health & wellness bloggers. It was aaaaall the way over in Denver, and it was such a good experience. I have a whole post to write about it, but I’m trying to organize the 429 photos I want to use.

IMG_6645 Then I came home and was showered with love. And I finally got my first lei!

IMG_6786 Then I went back for my second mammogram. That one was a little more invasive and little more uncomfortable. I do have one particular area that needs to be monitored. It’s right under my breast lift scar, so it’s probably related to that. I’m waiting to hear the doctor’s final recommendation, but mostly likely I’ll just have to go back in six months.

IMG_6839 We spent a few days last week painting and working on the house. J painted the stair area and the hallway on the second floor while I was in Denver, which was HUGE. We’d been putting that off for months because it seemed so daunting. So now I feel ready to move onto the rest of the rooms.

IMG_6859 Friday night, my daughter’s month-long drama workshop came to an end with an incredible performance of Aladdin. She played multiple parts, and she just impressed us so much.

IMG_0040 DSC03554ecrop We had friends over for the Fourth of July holiday and we ate good food, drank margaritas, and played Settlers of Catan. It was my first time and I won! Admittedly, J sort of helped me beat him, but it felt good nonetheless.

IMG_6902 DSC03567

And just yesterday, I ate tons of leftovers and we planned our upcoming (child-free!) trip to Kauai! I cannot believe that I am going to hike 11 miles with a 20-30 pound backpack, sleep overnight in the wild, and hike back another 11 miles. Who is this person I’ve become?!


And that’s been the last three weeks! I’ve been staying pretty active over on Instagram (@nicolehnit), so you may have seen even more images than these. If you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out! It’s so uplifting and and inspirational over there.

I can’t wait to tell you next Monday all about how I’ve kicked ass this week. (I’m just putting it out to the Universe…)

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