Alcohol, Bikinis & Catan

I totally owe you all a weekly update. Life is a wee bit crazy. I can’t wait to tell you all the details, but for now, let me just say that last week we were camping with friends. This week I’m toting my kids to and from science classes in between stalking my stat-counter (I was featured on Scary Mommy!) and painting my master bedroom. And next week, James and I will be hiking the famous Kalalau Trail on Kauai.

So we’ve been busy. And you know what’s been suffering? My health. Eek. I’m up a solid 5 pounds and it ain’t going nowhere fast.

But here are the stats that I have. For the week of July 6 – 12, I did log my calories for the first six days. I averaged an intake of 1936 and I burned an average of 2042/day. Not bad at all. My step count was pitiful at 68,265 for the week. That’s less than 10k a day. Oops. I did get in walks all but one day, so that was good. And I lifted weights twice!

During camping last week (July 13-19), I moved a ton! I got 93,713 steps (13.4k/day!) without even putting in much of an effort. But of course I drank enough alcohol to last me a year, so I didn’t get anywhere positive with the scale. No weight lifting either, and I was too busy eating Mike & Ike’s to log any of my calories. But it was camping, and there’s no “being healthy” when you’re camping. Right?! (Of course we came home on Thursday, and I just continued the trend throughout the weekend.)

This week I’m trying to get back on track, and I’m having some success. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, but I have a ton to edit from our camping trip. Those’ll end up over on The Wandering Five soon. (I hope.) (And don’t forget you can always keep up with me daily by following along on Instagram.)

We worked on Audra’s bedroom finally, and she is absolutely in love with the color and her new lights.



Aidan participated in a week-long Science Olympiad camp. I can’t really effectively communicate how grateful I am that we have a homeschooling mom (& former teacher!) in our community who organizes such amazing classes for the kids.


We played some baseball and I learned that Austin has some serious natural talent. We’re gonna have to nurture that a bit and see where it takes us.


We played so many rounds of Settlers of Catan while camping and even just at home that I’m surprised I’m not dreaming of ore and sheep. I’m ridiculously obsessed with that game. (Those are my guys on the right – and our good friends on the left.)


This little pedal carriage was a beast. The kids were too short to reach the pedals, so James and I did all the work. We got quite the workout in just twenty minutes. (Also, I wanted to Photoshop the shit out of this picture, but I didn’t. Just wanted you to know that. I got lumps and bumps and I’m not too proud to show them off.)


Our campsite was right next to the beach, so we took advantage of the great weather and got some swimming in.

Are we a pair of gorgeous ladies or what? (I only made James take 35 versions of this to get one I liked. Worth it!)


We got all nice and fancied up one day for a dinner out so I took some photos. How fake are these smiles?!



And one of our fabulous friends with the Mokes behind them. (Also, we’re pretty sure the resort just behind them and to the left is where the President stays when he’s in town. So that’s neat.)


I got my first Stitch Fix shipment. Did you check out the post?


And that’s the update. Gotta work on prioritizing my health, and I will. Mostly, I just need to log my food. When I do that, it all evens itself out. So today, I will do it. I will log. Thanks for talking me into it.

Oh! I added a new service to the site – this one is for weight loss coaching. If you want to chat before you commit, that is absolutely fine. Just fill out the form on that page, and we can see how I can help you. Also, I created a free PDF that completely details how I lost 100 pounds (and how I’m working to keep it off). Don’t miss out on that.

Thanks for reading! I’ll probably wait to post another update until after we return from Kauai. Keep your fingers crossed for no rain!

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